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Mary Donohue

Generational Expert, Social Scientist, Teacher

Social Scientist and communication expert Dr. Mary E. Donohue uses her extraordinary knack for understanding generations to help her clients with everything from understanding their boss to making sense of their parents and kids and say.

Dr. Mary s a cancer survivor who worked with Paul Newman, learned from Robert Kennedy, Jr., made her movie debut with former Toronto Mayor David Miller, and was briefly (very briefly) a Supreme with Diana Ross.

Named as one of the 18 Outstanding Women In Tech, and Diversity MBA’s top 50 under 50, Dr. Donohue is a passionate advocate of revolutionizing today’s workforce training through technology and developing internal talent. Her book with Jack Canfield became a best seller on Amazon in the both the US and Canada.

She is CEO of Donohue Learning™, and her clients include Walmart, American Airlines, TD Bank, Kaiser Permanente, OLG, and many other private and public organizations.

Dr. Mary is a world-renowned speaker and TEDX presenter, television personality and columnist. Her work appears in the Huffington Post and Financial Post. She has won awards for her volunteerism and research and continues to give back daily to her community both domestically and internationally.

Dr. Donohue is also an Adjunct Professor, Graduate School of Management, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Scotia and can be reached at
Mentoring Others Can Empower Your Ezra Bailey via Getty Images

Mentoring Others Can Empower Your Career

Most of us are motivated by self-interest. That "self" might include your spouse and your children, or your parents and your extended family. Or it may just mean you. But you, like me, may want to make lots of money and create a better world for yourself and those you care about. You can do both.
01/04/2016 03:34 EST
Taking Care of Yourself This Valentine's

Taking Care of Yourself This Valentine's Day

On the way to an appointment the other day I heard two teenage girls discussing Valentine's Day. One was distraught because her boyfriend had just broken up with her and the other was worried about th...
02/12/2015 11:33 EST
Why You Should Turn Off Technology and Listen When People ATIC12 via Getty Images

Why You Should Turn Off Technology and Listen When People Talk

Real work has to get done, and what are the costs if you don't spend time listening and communicating with your team? Well, the answer is that the costs are surprisingly high: rising levels of employee burnout, for starters. Burnout, our DMS indexing finds, is reflected in high engagement scores, which are accompanied by low value and low trust scores.
11/20/2014 05:52 EST
How To Narrow Canada's Productivity Dmitry Guzhanin via Getty Images

How To Narrow Canada's Productivity Gap

Senior leaders of organizations are too engaged, meaning they question change. Although engagement is great, it often leads to reluctance to change and unwillingness to participate in and with the unfamiliar. These feelings are often accompanied by a sense of burnout or tiredness, causing leaders to be very cautious about executive leadership and new initiatives.
10/15/2014 05:04 EDT
Oh, You Think the Ferguson Incident Could Never Happen in Canada? Think Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Oh, You Think the Ferguson Incident Could Never Happen in Canada? Think Again

Many Canadians are sitting back smugly stating how horrible and thank goodness that would never happen here, but if you believe this, you live in a bubble. Just look at what happened at York University last week. A hate filled piece was distributed by an anonymous group arguing the school would be better without people of different cultures. Hate isn't geographical, it is universal and based in fear of differences. Every city, state, province, business and government in North American needs to face facts, the issue isn't diversity. Look at the demographics. We are diverse, the issue is inclusion.
08/17/2014 04:57 EDT
Millennials Will Lead the Workplace Monkey Business Images via Getty Images

Millennials Will Lead the Workplace Revolution

Since I launched my business, executives have told me that they didn't have the time, money nor inclination to train and promote anyone other than the top 20 percent of their leadership, because that is where they believed their profits came from. Wrong. The negative financial effects of ignoring 80 percent of your workforce are as damaging as they are prevailing.
07/14/2014 12:23 EDT
Do You Use All Three Forms of Paul Bradbury via Getty Images

Do You Use All Three Forms of Communication?

If you can master this skill our research demonstrates that you can increase trust in leadership by 9 per cent in as little as 13 weeks. What does this mean to business higher productivity? Less churn. What does the mean to politicians, the difference between losing and winning, especially in a horse race election like Ontario's.
06/10/2014 05:58 EDT
The Only Way To Survive Public Opinion Steve Parsons/PA Archive

The Only Way To Survive Public Opinion Court

The Internet can and will prove you a liar in minutes. Finally we are seeing that powerful men, and for that matter powerful companies, can no longer just say "Oh.. sorry." If people don't believe in and trust your brand, and if they don't understand your moral purpose, you could be left out in the cold in much the same as Donald Sterling or Don Imus were.
05/14/2014 05:38 EDT
Why Gen X Is Unhappy and Hates K-King Photography Media Co. Ltd via Getty Images

Why Gen X Is Unhappy and Hates Working

If not repaired, the unhappy Gen Xers who will remain in organizations will be unable to pick up the slack caused by retiring boomers and will stall the development of millennials. Gen Xers are currently supervising millennials bosses. So when observers warn of millennials leaving the workforce in droves, they might want to first investigate their Gen X bosses and their feelings of value.
04/30/2014 05:36 EDT
Canada's Foreign Worker Program Has a Trust

Canada's Foreign Worker Program Has a Trust Problem

Employers are not "hooked" on temporary foreign workers because they provide critical skills on an emergency basis (as the program was intended) but because they work hard (and presumably for cheap). So who's to blame? It's time for management to look in the mirror. For the last 50 years organizations have invested in just about anything except their employees, who are increasingly treated as replaceable widgets. The federal government is also complicit. Why should employers bother to train, motivate and engage their workers when they can simply replace them with foreign "temporary" workers?
04/16/2014 12:26 EDT
Don't Let Your Business Suffer From Corporate Shutterstock

Don't Let Your Business Suffer From Corporate Flu

Strangely enough today's business environment reflects the internal and external struggles of illness. Businesses regularly forego profits to throw money at customer surveys, logistics, marketing, and technology to keep their customers happy. Just as your body starts to fail from constant stress or neglected disease, a business with a corporate culture that is toxic to its employees starts to shut down.
02/25/2014 05:11 EST