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Mary Peel

A 99 (almost 100)-year-old dancer living life to the fullest in St Catherines, Ontario

Mary Peel is a 99 (almost 100)-year-old living life to the fullest. A mother of four, and a step-mother of four, Mary spent a third of her century-long life running a dry cleaning service, but you can now find her with her friends in a seniors living community in St Catherines, Ontario. While you'll often see her on the dance-floor, you'll rarely find her watching TV and you'll never catch her lying.
I Danced the Waltz at 99 Years Old. You Can

I Danced the Waltz at 99 Years Old. You Can Too

Art and I get on the dance floor as often as we can, whenever there is a musician here to play for us. And even when we're not dancing, I try to keep moving every day. I'll be the first to tell you it's such an important part of living a happy life (that, and always telling the truth. I never lie; my father said if you lie you need to remember all your lies which is too difficult, especially at my age.)
09/24/2014 05:51 EDT