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Mary Warner

Lunch With Mary

Mary Warner is a communications professional with a love of learning and lunch. About two years ago, Mary combined these interests and embarked on a blogging adventure. She reaches out to the people she wants to learn something from -- and asks them out to lunch. The result is “Lunch with Mary -- Free lunches and open minds."
Lunch with Meteorologist Claire

Lunch with Meteorologist Claire Martin

The company: Claire Martin is the senior meteorologist for the CBC. Her background is incredible. She is trained as a meteorologist, not as a television personality and has insisted in her time at CB...
04/08/2013 09:34 EDT
The Radio Station Building Peace in

The Radio Station Building Peace in Uganda

David Okidi is a journalist in Northern Uganda and was the station manager at Mega FM, a radio station in the northern Ugandan region of Gulu. He recently joined the board of directors of Farm Radio International. Farm Radio International (FRI) helps African radio broadcasters meet the needs of local small-scale farmers and their families in rural communities. I met him for lunch.
11/09/2012 08:05 EST
Talking Opera with Arts & Crafts Record Label StacyMK11

Talking Opera with Arts & Crafts Record Label President

Jeffrey Remedios is the co-founder and president of Arts & Crafts, a record label and production company. He did offer some advice to those looking to start their own label: "Have Broken Social Scene be the first band you sign." For the first three years of the label, they were able to work with Broken Social Scene, their friends and band members' side projects.
10/02/2012 05:11 EDT
A Tour of TTC Transit CP

A Tour of TTC Transit Control

Andy Byford and me at TTC Transit Control Tour background: As a follow-up to my lunch with TTC CEO Andy Byford and my extreme transit nerdiness that was on full display in my post, Andy invited me for...
07/24/2012 04:21 EDT
Lunch with Mary: Transit CEO Talks Floods and Having No Gm0n, Twitter

Lunch with Mary: Transit CEO Talks Floods and Having No Car

On June 1, Toronto's Union station flooded. Andy Byford, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) CEO was travelling on the subway when it happened and when he got off the train, ran over to Union to see what was happening. In case anyone was wondering, he said the smell was absolutely awful. Now he's focused on determining why it happened and making sure it doesn't happen again.
06/12/2012 03:46 EDT
An Illuminating Lunch with Luminato's Artistic

An Illuminating Lunch with Luminato's Artistic Director

Jorn Weisbrodt, the new artistic director for Luminato, which runs from June 8 until June 17, sat down with me for lunch. As a new Torontonian, Jorn had almost as many questions for me as I did for him, but somehow, I left wondering more and more about this great city we live in, and what will happen when Luminato opens its doors this month...
06/08/2012 07:41 EDT
Hitting a Homerun Lunch with Drunk Jays Getty Images

Hitting a Homerun Lunch with Drunk Jays Fan

This week, I sat down for lunch with Drunk Jays Fan Andrew Stoeten at X on Front Street. We spoke about everything baseball, from sabermetrics to Alex Anthopoulos, to exactly what a baseball blog and podcast can talk about during the off-season!
02/12/2012 01:50 EST
Dispatches From

Dispatches From Haiti

A few months after the earthquake, physiotherapist Mike Landry returned to Haiti to check back in on his patients and help them return home. To this day, rubble still covers the streets of Haiti and it is shocking to see. For someone with mobility issues, it is very difficult to get around.
01/12/2012 01:17 EST
Penguin Canada Publishing Director Lynne

Penguin Canada Publishing Director Lynne Missen

The company: Lynne Missen is publishing director of Penguin Canada Young Readers, its children and young adult program. Lynne has been an editor for over 20 years. Prior to joining Penguin Canada, sh...
10/04/2011 05:01 EDT
Lunch With... Member of Parliament Andrew

Lunch With... Member of Parliament Andrew Cash

The company: Andrew Cash is my MP. He is the Member of Parliament for Davenport in Toronto. A few years ago, I was able to take out Andrew's NDP colleague Olivia Chow for lunch, who was my MP when I...
08/08/2011 11:44 EDT
Lunch With... Chef Massimo Sarah Shatz

Lunch With... Chef Massimo Capra

The company: Massimo Capra is a well-known chef. Many people will know him from his appearances on The Food Network's Restaurant Makeover. He is the owner of Mistura and Sopra in Toronto. He is also...
07/27/2011 11:05 EDT