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Mary-Jo Dionne

Vancouver-based writer, speaker, performer, podcaster, philanthropist, and best of all, mommy to two wee humans, JouJou and Birdie.

Mary-Jo Dionne is an award-winning writer whose work was called "A masterpiece in urban satire that will have you laughing so hard you'll glow," by the Globe and Mail. As a dabbling comedian, she’s performed in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and LA and was a finalist for Vancouver's Funniest New Female Comedian. Her one-woman show “Glowing: A Reproduction Production” was hailed as a “real crowd pleaser” by the CBC. In print, she has interviewed notable greats like Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine Heigl, and Martha Stewart. She’s now taken her love for the art of the interview to the cyber-waves with the recent launch of “Tea with a Titan”, a weekly podcast during which Mary-Jo has tea with those people who have one thing in common: The quest for greatness despite the hurdles. Last year, Mary-Jo launched the Mary-Jo Dionne Productions Fund, which supports local children living in poverty or fighting critical illness. Learn more at:
'Lucky' Is The Strength To Turn The Page On Life's Tough

'Lucky' Is The Strength To Turn The Page On Life's Tough Chapters

Lucky isn't picking the right six numbers. It's seeing that the sad times let you better love the sweet ones. That sickness lets you better love health. Lucky is milking every word out of the good chapters. And when you're in a bad one, lucky is having enough strength to turn the page.
03/31/2017 11:17 EDT
2016 Took And Took And

2016 Took And Took And Gave

The gifts of 2016 weren't sweetly wrapped in chic silver bows beneath a popcorn-trimmed tree. Rather its gifts were hiding under piles of muck, mire, and metaphorical dirty diapers. 2016 made us work for its rewards; an ongoing dichotomy. Low meeting high. Pain meeting beauty. Injustice meeting a renewed fervour for truth.
01/03/2017 07:52 EST
We Don't Need A President's Permission To Be

We Don't Need A President's Permission To Be Kind

I choose to keep the "Stronger Together" message as an ongoing, ever-present beacon. This house -- and by that, I mean, both the one I live in and the one that lives in me -- holds the space and admiration and compassion for anyone of integrity.
11/10/2016 03:15 EST