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Mary-Jo Dionne

Vancouver-based writer, speaker, performer, podcaster, philanthropist, and best of all, mommy to two wee humans, JouJou and Birdie.

Mary-Jo Dionne is an award-winning writer whose work was called "A masterpiece in urban satire that will have you laughing so hard you'll glow," by the Globe and Mail. As a dabbling comedian, she performed in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, and LA and was a finalist for Vancouver's Funniest New Female Comedian. Her one-woman show “Glowing: A Reproduction Production” was hailed a “real crowd pleaser” by the CBC and her TEDx Talk was deemed a "crowd favourite". In print, she has interviewed notable greats like Ellen DeGeneres, Katherine Heigl, and Martha Stewart. She’s taken her love for interviewing to the cyber-waves with the launch of "Tea with a Titan," a podcast downloaded in nearly 80 countries. Mary-Jo oversees the MJDProductions Fund, which supports local children living in poverty or fighting critical illness, and was named a Vancouver "Difference Maker" by the Georgia Straight. Learn more at:
2016 Took And Took And adamkaz via Getty Images

2016 Took And Took And Gave

The gifts of 2016 weren't sweetly wrapped in chic silver bows beneath a popcorn-trimmed tree. Rather its gifts were hiding under piles of muck, mire, and metaphorical dirty diapers. 2016 made us work for its rewards; an ongoing dichotomy. Low meeting high. Pain meeting beauty. Injustice meeting a renewed fervour for truth.
01/03/2017 07:52 EST
We Don't Need A President's Permission To Be Shutterstock

We Don't Need A President's Permission To Be Kind

I choose to keep the "Stronger Together" message as an ongoing, ever-present beacon. This house -- and by that, I mean, both the one I live in and the one that lives in me -- holds the space and admiration and compassion for anyone of integrity.
11/10/2016 03:15 EST