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Where Are All the South Asian Mommy

Where Are All the South Asian Mommy Bloggers?

For those of you masalamommas who blog out there, you're part of a select crew. While there's been an explosion of blogging moms over the years, South Asian moms who blog, aren't necessarily on the radar. While many South Asian moms who blog feel the same, some say they don't feel connected to the mommy blogger community as a whole.
03/13/2013 05:14 EDT
Learning to Cook Like My Shutterstock

Learning to Cook Like My Mother

Growing up my parents were always experimenting with food, farming and flavours, I reaped the benefits of homemade, wholesome dishes on a daily basis. I never truly appreciated the art of cooking until I got married. It would take me hours to cook a meal, I would run out of ideas or become frustrated with why my food was not tasting like my parents'.
03/12/2013 05:46 EDT
The Importance of Women AFP/Getty Images

The Importance of Women Misbehaving

A social code of behaviour is used as a weapon by almost all cultures to violate, control and beat girls and women into submission. Women are told if you don't want to get beaten, raped and killed, then this is how you will have to behave. To all the women reading this: on International Women's Day, take one little code of behaviour that confines you as a woman, tells you how to be at home or outside, forces you to live with shame and/or fear -- and break it! If you break one code today, tomorrow collectively we'll have the courage to break our social prison! So let's get started! Let us resolve to MISBEHAVE!!
03/08/2013 08:06 EST
How I'm Raising My Sons to Be Good

How I'm Raising My Sons to Be Good Men

My fear is to raise boys who go through life having a sense of entitlement. Who go from living in their mother's home to marrying someone who takes over the mothering role. I want them to be independent beings long before they get married.
03/08/2013 06:08 EST
Having A Relationship With In-Laws After Alamy

Having A Relationship With In-Laws After Divorce

Naturally the relationship with in-laws will change once you're divorced. A recently divorced mother will need to be prepared for a number of challenges. The main one will be trying to maintain a pleasant family environment for the child/children.
02/26/2013 05:29 EST
How I Packed My Kid a Desi

How I Packed My Kid a Desi Lunchbox

Could I get away with packing desi food in my kids' lunchbox? Ethnic food opens some doors and keeps it interesting. Plus encouraging culture through food is a good idea to help encourage your roots or expand horizons through new foods from new cultures.
02/22/2013 05:25 EST
Incorporating Cultural Style into Your shutterstock

Incorporating Cultural Style into Your Wardrobe

Lately I've felt a renewed interest in my culture; the clothing, and the idea of having a signature look that also represents my heritage (maybe it has to do with this gig at Masalamommas!) So I did what I always do in this kind of situation -- window shopping! -- I mean, er, research.
02/22/2013 01:07 EST