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Mathew Mulholland

Filmmaker, Music Producer

Mathew Mulholland is a filmmaker and music producer. He is currently somewhere in South or Central America working on his latest project.
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Sorry Greedy Developers, the Kuna Control Their Own Destiny

The Kuna have denied me food and accommodation, driven me to islands I did not wish to be on, refused to answer questions and made me leave town. But I have respect for them. They have manipulated a system that has spent hundreds of years attempting to suppress them. They have maintained autonomy.
01/31/2013 05:16 EST

The Colombian Village I've Come to Know

I am in a remote village on the Pacific coast of Colombia. One road leads in and out, extending as far as the next village. This is my second time here. A year ago, had I been told someone was shot, I would have panicked. This year, I brush it off.
12/31/2012 04:58 EST