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Matt Friedman


Matt Friedman teaches history at Rutgers University-Newark. He is the award-winning author of three books on the Internet and a long-time journalist whose work has appeared in the Montreal Gazette, The National Post, InternetWeek, and Wired News. He lectured at the Journalism School of Concordia University in Montreal from 1997 to 2003. A native of Montreal, he relocated to the New York area in 2005.
Dear Madame Marois: You Are Wrong About the People of Getty

Dear Madame Marois: You Are Wrong About the People of Quebec

I can't help but suspect your motives, Mme. Marois. It seems that you are trying to turn nous inside-out by cynically using the trust that we have in our leaders against us. The Charter seems to be an effort to convince the majority of Québécois who do not live in Montréal or Québec, where cultural and religious diversity is the quiet background to our daily lives, that they have something to fear from those who are different. You seem to be telling them that they have special privileges and that the only way to preserve them is to deny the rights of others.
09/17/2013 06:00 EDT