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Matt Grant

The Liberal Party candidate in Calgary Confederation (AB)

Previously a community organizer, Matt Grant is a graduate of University of Calgary Law School, and is currently an associate at the law firm of Burnet, Duckworth & Palmer.

Before deciding to pursue a legal career, Matt worked with a number of national, provincial, and local associations. He has volunteered with organizations such as Pro Bono Canada and Student Legal Assistance in Calgary. These experiences have led him to pursue his current volunteer work with Calgary Legal Guidance. Matt has also served as the executive assistant to provincial MLAs Craig Cheffin and Kent Hehr.

Matt is currently the Director of the West Hillhurst Community Association and has been active within the Bridgeland-Riverside Community Association. He also serves as a director with HomeFront Calgary, a non-profit organization committed to ending domestic.
Think Long Term on the Temporary Foreign Worker AFP via Getty Images

Think Long Term on the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

The government created major problems for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program when it began to loosen the rules in 2006; it created an approval process with little oversight that largely amounted to rubber stamping applications, which has directly led to Canadians losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers.
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