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Matt Horne

Matt Horne, B.C. Associate Regional Director, Pembina Institute

Matt Horne is the Pembina Institute's associate regional director for British Columbia. He has been with the organization since 2003, focusing on policy change that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia and provide replicable models for the rest of Canada. In pursuit of this goal, he has worked on initiatives with the province, municipalities and First Nations. Prior to joining Pembina, Matt worked extensively with energy-economy models on projects attempting to estimate the costs and benefits of climate change policy in Canada. Matt holds a bachelor of engineering from Dalhousie University and a master of resource and environmental management from Simon Fraser University.
B.C. Climate Action Plan

B.C. Climate Action Plan 2.0?

Clearly there's a difference between trying to read the tea leaves on where the government could be going with climate action in the province, and government actually laying those directions out for British Columbians. And for all of the potential directions policy could go, their impact on carbon pollution will depend on how they are designed.
07/10/2014 06:23 EDT