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Matt Toner

B.C. Green Party Critic For Finance And New Economy

The B.C. Green Party’s critic for finance and the new economy, Matt Toner began his career as an economist in the research department of the Bank of Canada before becoming the vice consul (trade) at the Canadian consulate in New York. Moving to the private sector, Matt has founded a series of technology-based startups in New York, Toronto, and Vancouver. Recognized as one of Vancouver’s top innovators, Matt is also a popular lecturer at various post-secondary institutions around the city.
Canada Needs a Military Leader Who Doesn't Excuse Sexual

Canada Needs a Military Leader Who Doesn't Excuse Sexual Harassment

This past week, the outgoing Chief of Defence Staff -- the man at the very top of that metaphorical hill -- unwittingly let us all have a peek at the highest levels of thinking around this problem. Why would we accept Lawson's mumbly assertion that the military is powerless to alter people's "biological wiring"? This is actually a huge part of what the command structure has always done. The military indoctrinates soldiers so that they do such things not just without question, but to the best of their ability. So why is it so hard to indoctrinate them into a reasonable understanding of why sexual harassment is unacceptable?
06/22/2015 12:26 EDT