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Matthew Held

CEO and Co-Founder of Manawa Networks

Matthew Held is the CEO and Co-Founder of Manawa Networks, a full service IT consulting firm, based in Toronto, that serves small and medium organizations across Canada. Matthew writes about how technology makes people and organizations better. For more, contact or
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5 Tech Trends For Small/Medium Businesses In 2016

As 2016 gets underway, organizations are searching for new ways to grow, compete, and win. They know technology will play a role. While it's impossible to have a crystal ball to predict the future, some key trends have emerged in the coming year that are relevant for small and medium-sized organizations. Here are five ones to watch.
01/19/2016 12:19 EST
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5 Password Strategies To Keep Intruders Out

At a time when most devices connect to the Internet, making it harder for intruders to gain access is essential. The number one way hackers access an online account is through stolen or misused credentials, according to the annual Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon.
12/29/2015 05:52 EST

5 Strategies to Protect Your Online Security

Individuals and organizations that follow good cyber hygiene practices have more peace of mind. It is no different than monitoring your health and scheduling your automobile's maintenance. People who practice good cyber hygiene habits get more done, are happier and spend less time troubleshooting because they have fewer surprises.
09/16/2015 05:07 EDT

5 Tips to Increase Your Privacy With Windows 10

The release of Windows 10 marks the arrival of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella's vision towards a "mobile-first, cloud-first" computing world. If you plan to upgrade to Windows 10, consider configuring the settings during the installation phase if you want to protect your privacy.
08/06/2015 04:51 EDT

What Is the Cost of Losing Your Online Privacy?

Anyone who uses a social network, a website, app or a gadget that regularly collects some personal information about them is a product. Companies increasingly know more about you than your family and friends. The fear is what happens when the information you provide in one context is used in an entirely different context because it is sold. Internet spying and surveillance according to a 2012 Wall Street Journal report is one of the fastest growing businesses, estimated to be worth $156 billion a year. Mostly private companies capture data from countless channels.
07/17/2015 12:51 EDT

How to Be a Successful Giver

Adam Grant author of Give and Take says that the magic number when it comes to volunteering is one hundred hours per year or two hours a week. Research shows that if people volunteer about two hours a week, their happiness, satisfaction, and self-esteem increase a year later.
06/30/2015 05:16 EDT
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6 Ways to Make Meetings More Productive

Standing meetings are popular for teams that have status updates. The logic behind a standing meeting is that the longer you stand, the more uncomfortable it gets. In a study, published in Social Psychological and Personality Science, Andrew Knight and Markus Baer discovered that standing teams are more excited, fired up and less protective of their ideas compared to those who sit.
03/04/2015 12:57 EST
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What Your Business Can Do To Battle Cybercrime

Small and medium sized companies mistakenly believe hackers will not target them because they are small. The reality is that hackers come in all shapes and sizes. They often target smaller companies without the resources and skills to protect and secure their systems. They sometimes practice with smaller firms before moving to larger companies.
01/29/2015 05:15 EST
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Questions to Ask Before Buying Your Next Smartphone

The leading smartphone companies recently launched new models, which typically receive a great deal of attention and reviews -- both positive and negative. Businesses professionals are excited but also confused and overwhelmed because they want the best phone that satisfies their checklist of needs at work and at home. How does one make sense of the plethora of features in new smartphone models?
09/30/2014 12:55 EDT

Don't Be Like Carrie Bradshaw -- Back Up Your Computer

Anyone who has lost important information after a computer failure will be able to relate scene from the show, Sex in the City. Sarah Jessica Parker's MacBook crashes while she typing. Later, a technician, while diagnosing the crash, asks when was the last time she backed up her work. She says, "Umm, I don't do that."
09/11/2014 12:50 EDT

How to Safeguard Your Business from Canada's New Anti-Spam Legislation?

Most businesses in Canada rely on electronic messaging of one kind or another to run their operations and grow. The law affects any individual or business sending any commercial electronic messages (CEM), which are text, sound, voice, or images sent electronically that encourage the recipient to participate in a commercial activity.
06/30/2014 05:36 EDT
Windows XP

If You're Still Using Windows XP Your Company Is at Risk

In April 2014, Microsoft withdrew support for its popular 12-year old operating system, Windows XP. At that time, approximately 430-million personal computers were still running XP. According to Microsoft, "PCs running Windows XP after April 8, 2014, should not be considered to be protected."
06/10/2014 05:56 EDT

Worried About Online Security? Try a Password Manager

Hackers continue to be in the news. Security breaches continue to happen, whether that means breaking into companies or security holes in the software. What is the best way you can protect yourself? Perhaps, the smartest thing you can do is get a password manager and use it.
05/28/2014 09:07 EDT