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Matthew Heuman & Thierry Tardif

Developer -- Director of Media Relations at VoteNote. Mobile assistant application for the 42nd Federal Election.

A Concordia University journalism student from British Columbia, Matthew Heuman always had a passion for politics and always wanted to use his technological connaissance to improve the Canadian electoral system. He decided to create a mobile application that would inform Canadian youth as much as possible to entice them to present themselves to the polls this coming election.

He invited Thierry Tardif, also a journalism student from Montreal, Quebec at Concordia University, to jump in and take part in this journey. Together they have worked to make this application as complete as possible, encouraging candidates to sign up to the application to inform youth about their platforms and making the application as interactive and enjoyable.

Their goal is to make this election one for the record books, where youth exercise their right to vote and present themselves to the polls to shape this country with the politicians and political party that represent what they believe in the most.