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Matthew Klar

Manager, Strategy & Brand Development, S&E Sponsorship Group

Matthew Klar – Manager, Strategy & Brand Development, S&E Sponsorship Group.

At S&E, Matthew is heavily involved in both agency and client strategy. Matthew is active in the day-to-day management of the firm, from thought-leadership initiatives, to new business development, to agency operations. Additionally, Matthew supports the account team on strategic initiatives across S&E’s client roster. Matthew joined S&E after earning his BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University.
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Where Fashion Meets Sports Sponsorship

The line between celebrity and athletes has grown increasingly blurry over the past number of years. It is common to see athletes on late night TV or attending the latest Hollywood award shows. This environment -- typically reserved for actors and actresses -- has given athletes the opportunity to showcase their fashion sense off the field of play.
12/04/2015 06:01 EST
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The 5 Most Marketable Athletes Coming Out of the 2015 Pan Am Games

While the Pan Am Games do not offer the same marketing value for competing athletes as the Olympics do, the added attention provided a great platform for athletes to showcase their abilities and introduce themselves to the Canadian public. It also provided brands with a chance to scout athletes that could potentially be used in endorsement deals leading up to next summer's Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.
08/19/2015 06:56 EDT