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Matthew Morein


Matthew Morein aka Hatchmatik (Hatch) is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Montréal (Québec) Canada.

Why Every Man Should Wear a Signature Scent

When Tom Ford wrote a list of 15 things every man should have for the 15th anniversary of he spoke of having a good cologne that becomes a signature. I tapped a friend of mine who works for a major cosmetics company for some information about scents and he dropped some serious science on me. So here is the crash course.
07/25/2012 05:04 EDT

Getting in Touch With Your Inner (and Outer) Mensch

The average young man today dresses much differently than his counterpart of a century ago. Think "Boardwalk Empire" not "Mad Men." Of course I do not mean to propose that the men of today should dress as they did in the past, but what I am trying to highlight here is a change in the attitudes surrounding dress, and how that relates to self-respect and the respect of others.
06/29/2012 12:50 EDT
Swagger: New York

Can You Be Stylish Without Being Creative?

A friend of mine just showed me Taika Waititi's TED talk from TEDxDOHA and I was really impressed with his perspective on creativity and success. Waititi's notion of success as being communication, and of creativity being linked to seeing things through the lens of a child, left me wondering how all of this relates to style. One can most certainly have creativity without style but I believe that the inverse is not true.
06/14/2012 01:51 EDT