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Matthew Slutsky

Real estate connoisseur. Startup guy. CoFounder at @BuzzBuzzHome, @88_agency, #Dadblog: Podcast: #urbanizeTHIS

We just had a beautiful baby girl, and while we have lots of friends and family with children, we are learning a lot. Follow my adventures of fatherhood at

In my “spare time” I am the co-founder and co-president of BuzzBuzzHome, I am the co-founder of 88 Agency, and I am on the Management Board of ULI Toronto. Oh, I also host a podcast called #urbanizeTHIS dealing with urbanization.
9 Ways To Make Baby Strollers Shutterstock

9 Ways To Make Baby Strollers Better

We just had our baby two months ago, so I am pretty new to using a stroller, but I have already identified nine ways to improve the stroller functionality, and while there are plenty of hacks, I don't want a stroller that looks like a souped up car (especially if dropping over $1000).
04/06/2017 05:21 EDT