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Maureen (Mo) Hagan

Physiotherapist; Award-winning group fitness instructor; VP of Fitness Innovation and Development at GoodLife Fitness and canfitpro

Maureen (Mo) Hagan is licensed physiotherapist, director of education for canfitpro, a vice president at GoodLife Fitness, author, and an international award-winning group fitness instructor and program director
Simplify Your Exercise

Simplify Your Exercise Routine

Simplifying your approach to maintaining a regular exercise routine and eating healthy can make a world of difference to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Many people struggle with fitting exercise int...
09/21/2017 15:00 EDT
Take Your Fitness

Take Your Fitness Outdoors

Longer days and hot sunny weather can make it more tempting than ever to trade in your fitness routine for barbecues and poolside beverages. But it doesn't have to be all or nothing when it comes to g...
06/16/2017 03:54 EDT
Walk Your Way To Kikovic via Getty Images

Walk Your Way To Happiness

Walking, like most aerobic activity, is good for your heart and lungs. It strengthens cardiovascular fitness all while toning your muscles and burning calories. Walking is low impact, so it doesn't have the same potential for injury as jogging or running. It's also a bodyweight exercise, meaning it will help improve your strength, posture, bone density and stamina. Walking aids blood circulation, lymphatic health (to rid the body of toxins and waste products) and helps regulate blood sugar.
04/10/2017 03:24 EDT
How To Best Manage Your lzf via Getty Images

How To Best Manage Your Stress

Stress -- it's that feeling we know all too well when things get busy at work, you're balancing what feels like a million different tasks at home and you still have to find that time to squeeze in a workout. It can be overwhelming, there's no denying that. The reality is, stress is just a part of life. However, the way we learn to manage stress makes all the difference in how it impacts our health.
10/11/2016 09:58 EDT
Strike A Balance As You Get Back Into Routine This JGI/Tom Grill via Getty Images

Strike A Balance As You Get Back Into Routine This Fall

September is here, and with the arrival of the cooler crisp air and changing colours we are adjusting to getting back into the comfort of our familiar routines. Getting back into the swing of things can be quite hectic after a summer of relaxation -- holidays are over, kids are back at school, school year activities begin and your personal time is minimal.
09/14/2016 02:29 EDT
Moms Who Make Time For Exercise Set A Healthy Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Moms Who Make Time For Exercise Set A Healthy Example

Not only is it important for mothers to talk the talk and help instill these values into their children, but they need to be prepared to walk the walk. Many mothers are so busy taking care of their family they neglect their own well-being. In order to be at your best in every aspect of life, you need to invest in yourself first!
05/06/2016 03:28 EDT
7 Tips For Running Your First Hero Images via Getty Images

7 Tips For Running Your First 5K

There are so many great benefits of running and it can become a healthy lifestyle addiction. It's an easy (once you get the hang of it), inexpensive sport that will help you get fit and also get you outside of your normal exercise routine. Trust me when I say, if you can walk, you can run!
04/04/2016 11:03 EDT
The Most Effective Fitness Trends To Try This Thomas Barwick via Getty Images

The Most Effective Fitness Trends To Try This Year

To those Canadians who are motivated by the arrival of January 1 to go to your local gym, I say WAY TO GO! Don't listen to the people who want to throw depressing stats in your face or tell you that you won't go to the gym past February.Instead, block out that negativity and focus on this one positive thought -- all you need to do is show up.
01/06/2016 04:53 EST
How to Stay Fit on shutterstock

How to Stay Fit on Vacation

A recent study published in Journal Obesity found that after just five days, eating a high-fat diet can lead to problems such as weight gain, obesity and other health issues. Here are a few of my tips to help maintain diet and exercise while on vacation.
06/26/2015 12:55 EDT