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M’c Kenneth is a 23-year-old personal style blogger from Vancouver Canada. Standing at 5-foot-tall and weighting 85lbs, this pint-sized blogger hurdles through the challenges of fitting into the fashion industry. He spent thre years being a menswear wardrobe stylist, determining men’s sartorial needs and educating them about fashion and latest trends. M’c Kenneth currently works as an interactive media developer for a local clothing line and a streetstyle photographer for The Kit magazine.
The Most Stylish Fashion Event of the

The Most Stylish Fashion Event of the Summer

The Deighton Cup is dubbed to be the most stylish and must-attend fashion and social event of the summer. Following The Big Smoke event on Friday evening, Vancouver's finest young professionals gathered at the Hastings Racecourse for The Thoroughbred event on Saturday noon.
08/17/2012 08:13 EDT
Italy's La Dolce Flickr: slash__

Italy's La Dolce Vita

Italy is known for its rich culture, delicious food, breathtaking architecture, effortless style, and most importantly, its parties. Wednesday, July 11th marked the second annual Terrazza di Peroni, celebrating summer atop Vancouver's Art Gallery.
07/23/2012 02:59 EDT
Trends Men Should Try This

Trends Men Should Try This Spring

Men tend to be timid and shy when it comes to fashion and trends. Often, we see men stick to their comfort zone: cargo shorts, V-neck T-shirts and flip-flops. While there isn't anything wrong with this combo, life is too short to be stuck in a vicious fashion snoozefest and spring is a great season to try new things.
03/06/2012 03:19 EST