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McLean Greaves

Writer, Technologist, Music Dev

McLean Greaves is a writer, music producer and veteran digital media executive. Hi work has been covered in The New York Times, Wired, Village Voice, The Globe & Mail newspaper, The New Yorker and other outlets. As a writer his work has appeared in paper, Essence, Vibe, The Source and other publications. Previous television stints include the Emmy-nominated CBC series ZeD where he served as Executive Producer and the HBO urban web project, where he served as Chief Of Content. He can be reached at
Stephen Harper Is Still Not

Stephen Harper Is Still Not Ready

After months of an on-air campaign claiming Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is "just not ready" to be prime minister, another gruelling 78-day election campaign spewing the now tired slogan and, indeed, almost 10 years in office, it's become evident that Harper himself just isn't ready for an increasingly diverse Canadian future. The duplicitous, short-term Conservative strategy of stoking racial tensions for xenophobic votes will have the long-term impact of alienating future electors who clearly hold the cards on which party will dominate federal politics in the coming decades if not sooner.
10/09/2015 08:07 EDT
The Man Who Could Save

The Man Who Could Save MuchMusic

As many of you have read, Bell Media recently axed 91 jobs from MuchMusic, ostensibly gutting the iconic music station into a shadow of its formerly glorious self when Znaimer and John Martin founded the "temple of rock" in 1984. But an online movement to bring Much back to its original founder Moses Znaimer is picking up steam.
08/04/2014 05:40 EDT
Black History Month Ends with a

Black History Month Ends with a Whimper

When Black History Month did start, it was on a tragic note. February 1 was marked by the suicide of Soul Train creator Don Cornelius. This month there was racism in the presidential race and at the Oscars, as well as the passing of another black icon, Whitney Houston.
02/29/2012 09:44 EST