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Meg Sinclair

Meg is a part of Facebook’s International Communications team, leading communications efforts in Canada.

Meg Sinclair, Communications Manager, Facebook Canada
A member of Facebook’s International Communications team, Meg leads Communications for Facebook’s product, platform, monetization and policy efforts in Canada. Meg holds a degree in Political Science and Criminology from University of Toronto, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations from Humber College. Meg is a passionate advocate for the positive role that technology can play in people’s lives, and volunteers with a number of non-profit organizations in her spare time.

Get Ready To Go Live On Facebook

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7 Ways to Protect Your Personal Information With Facebook

With all the wild rumours circulating about Facebook, it's sometimes hard to know what to believe. Will we start to charge people money to use our service? No. Do you have to copy and paste that scary legal message your friends are sharing? No, that's just a good old fashioned Internet hoax. But there are a few steps you can take on Facebook to protect your personal information, and we're more than happy to share.
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10 Facebook Tips Everyone Should Know

Change your relationship status without everyone knowing. Going from In a relationship to single? Prevent ringing the alarms by going to the about tab > family and relationships > changing your privacy settings to only me. Switch your status to single and changes will not appear in the news feed.
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