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Megan Howarth

Doula, childbirth educator, and blogger based in Montreal, Quebec

Megan Howarth has been working with women and families in Montreal as a birth and postpartum doula since 2011. She also teaches prenatal classes to expectant parents with Birds and Bees Prenatal Classes.

When she isn't busy rushing off to births or helping new families, she is spending time with her husband, Pete and her two hilarious and amazing sons, Dylan and Miles.

You can find her blogging about pregnancy, birth, and motherhood at
Working From Home With Kids Hero Images via Getty Images

Working From Home With Kids Sucks

Hey there, guy from the BBC viral video from last week. I know, you must feel completely mortified as the entire world found out that you were more than just an expert on South Korea. GASP! You're a father, too! Working from home, or doing a job that requires a lot of your work to happen in your home, is rough when you have kids.
03/13/2017 09:15 EDT
The Other Side: Life As A New Ryan McVay via Getty Images

The Other Side: Life As A New Parent

The truth is, the birth of your baby will most likely be the most transformative and life-changing experience you will ever go through. You will enter the experience living in one dimension and you will exit feeling truly like you are on "The Other Side" of your life.
11/27/2015 05:06 EST
I Threw a Shoe at My 6 Month Highwaystarz-Photography via Getty Images

I Threw a Shoe at My 6 Month Old

My husband was holding him and I think I may have almost wanted to hit them. I know I wanted something to happen. I was thinking that if I threw that shoe hard enough maybe it would crack the layer of suffocation I was feeling around me. Maybe it would give me some air, or maybe I'd get in trouble and someone would say "Okay, she's clearly had enough. Let's give her a week off from this motherhood thing."
10/19/2015 05:39 EDT