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Megan Leslie

MP for Halifax, NDP Deputy Leader, NDP Environment Critic

First elected in 2008, Megan Leslie is the Member of Parliament for Halifax. In May of 2011, Megan was named to the Official Opposition Shadow Cabinet as the NDP’s Environment Critic. In previous sessions of Parliament she took on various portfolios including Health and, prior to that, Housing and Homelessness.


Élue pour la première fois en 2008, Megan Leslie est la députée fédérale de Halifax. En mai 2011, Megan a été nommée porte-parole du NPD en matière d’environnement dans le cabinet fantôme de l’opposition officielle. À ce titre, elle a réclamé que des mesures concrètes soient prises pour favoriser les énergies propres et que les changements climatiques fassent partie de la stratégie énergétique nationale. Après l’élection de Thomas Mulcair comme chef du NPD en mars 2012, Mme Leslie a également été nommée chef adjointe du NPD – l’une des plus jeunes députées à se voir confier cette responsabilité.
Canada's Environment Minister Is All Talking Points, No

Canada's Environment Minister Is All Talking Points, No Action

What became apparent over the duration of the House of Commons Environment Committee meeting was that Minister Leona Aglukkaq's grasp of her file is very limited. Her responses were vague and evasive, and left my NDP colleagues and I as much in the dark on her priorities when she left as we'd been before she came. Here are a few highlights -- or lowlights, as the case may be.
12/04/2013 12:44 EST
Why Should Canada Have a Seat at the Climate Change

Why Should Canada Have a Seat at the Climate Change Table?

Why should the rest of the world take the Conservative government seriously at the annual UN Climate Change Conference in Warsaw or next year in Lima or in Paris in 2015? We've been regularly shamed by the international community, receiving the ignominious "Fossil of the Year" title five years in a row. As it stands now, their actions on everything from emissions regulations to climate finance aren't living up to the standards of the international community, or the standards that Canadians deserve.
11/16/2013 09:40 EST
Conservatives Hitting the Snooze Button on Climate Change Is a

Conservatives Hitting the Snooze Button on Climate Change Is a Snore

Once again, Canada's Conservatives are bound and determined to roll right over, close their eyes and sleep through the alarm bells on climate change. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) most recent assessment is a reminder of the urgency of addressing global warming, and the dangers of ignoring rising sea levels and increasing temperatures. In contrast, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said in response that the newest report released by the IPCC is a wake-up call, and "those who deny the science or choose excuses over action are playing with fire." Our largest trading partner gets it. So where's Canada's government on this critical environmental and economic issue?
10/22/2013 06:04 EDT
Harper Doesn't Get Climate

Harper Doesn't Get Climate Change

Harper's latest move - promising to match U.S. oil and gas emissions regulations, sight unseen - smacks of desperation and suggests the government is making things up as it goes along. Harper's "made in Canada" plan is being outsourced to the U.S. Who is going to look out for Canadian interests?
10/01/2013 03:09 EDT
Who's the Real Green Party

Who's the Real Green Party Now?

The NDP recognizes that we need action on climate change and we are the only party to have advanced legislation to commit Canada to the reductions required to avoid a two-degree rise in temperatures. But the Conservatives and Liberals chose to vote against the NDP motion that addressed Canadians' concerns.
05/03/2013 05:41 EDT
Denying Climate Change Denies us

Denying Climate Change Denies us Jobs

The Conservative government needs to stop denying climate change and realize jobs can be created through investing in green infrastructure projects, enhanced public transit, and green research and development, all of which will spur economic development in every community in Canada.
02/10/2012 03:47 EST