Megan Martin


Born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Megan Martin did graduate work in Political Science at the London School of Economics and Columbia University before having the guts to jump into writing full time. She cut her teeth (with gratitude) at the Canadian Film Center in Toronto and has maintained a love of both comedy and mystery ever since. In 2004 her first feature was produced, GINGERSNAPS: UNLEASHED. Since then, she has developed mystery pilots for CBC and USA network, and her romantic comedy, CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET was on Hollywood’s list of favorite un-produced screenplays, the Black List, in 2010. Most recently, Megan was a Writer / Supervising Producer on the CW's new thriller CULT. As a director, Megan made a short film NINTH STREET CHRONICLES, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and the American Film Institute Festival, winning best short at the Atlantic Film Festival. THE RIGHT KIND OF WRONG is her first produced romantic comedy.
Writing My Screenplay Was Odd, Challenging and

Writing My Screenplay Was Odd, Challenging and Awesome

<img alt="2013-08-12-blog_spotlight_on_tiff_v01.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" />When Robert asked me in 2007 to adapt the novel Sex and Sunsets -- I struggled with the idea. Despite the fact that Tim Sandlin's beautiful prose pulls you in, it is set in the point of view of a guy following a woman. A story of love at first sight. In this day and age, that's tricky.
09/12/2013 05:01 EDT