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Megan Parson

Canada's Youngest Food Blogger

Even as a toddler, Megan Parson's interests were the Food Network instead of cartoons. Once she learned how to work the remote, it's never been off the channel.

Regarded as Canada's Youngest Food Blogger, Megan started her food blog, "Beyond The Kid's Menu," in the Spring of 2012 at
the age of 11. Since that time, she has been involved with Savour Stratford, Stratford Chef School, Food Truck Eats and local restaurants and producers. Megan has interviewed celebrity chefs, hosted and judged events and made it her goal to show kids (and their parents) that they should look to eat more than just chicken fingers and fries.

She goes by the motto: "You need to expand your taste buds no matter how old you are."
Enough with the Cans and Jars -- Start Eating Fresh and Getty

Enough with the Cans and Jars -- Start Eating Fresh and Local

At Savour Stratford this year, I was tasting different types of food from local chefs and producers and I noticed something. Each and every dish had its own unique flavour thanks to a homemade element. It was nice to know that I could pronounce all the ingredients going into my body and know where they came from.
10/22/2013 01:42 EDT