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Meghan Pearson

Conscious Creation Coach, Chef, Writer, Eating Disorder Survivor, & Retired TV Director in Costa Rica

Meg Pearson is an international chef & coach based in Costa Rica. After leaving her literal life of bankruptcy, bulimia, addiction and depression, she now embraces the title of "intuitarian", finding it hard to label her life or food philosophies, both of which are about seeking total life affluence and balance in flexible ways. She is also a passionate writer, dancer and traveler, and shares her own story unapologetically in hopes of inspiring others to step into their own truths and co-create the life of their very own dreams! <br> <br> Connect with Meg: <br> Twitter: @MAPWellness <br> Facebook: <br> Web:
Bulimia: My Worst

Bulimia: My Worst Roommate

Bulimia. That is a word that I used to be so ashamed of saying out loud. But now I use it with ease as it is a part of who I am, was, and will become. It has been a part of my life for so long, and it has taken me up until this point to realize that it is nothing to apologize for. It just is.
10/29/2012 12:18 EDT
When the Going Gets Tough, Get

When the Going Gets Tough, Get Protein!

When times get tough, the tough get...protein. Well, I do anyway. Protein-packed, blood sugar stabilizing snacks at the ready to power me through long days or hard-core workouts. And these little bites should preferably have the ability to be prepared well ahead of time and frozen, <em>or</em> be whipped up in an emergency energy situation with ingredients that I often have on hand.
10/26/2012 12:24 EDT
Raw Sprouted Chickpea Hummus

Raw Sprouted Chickpea Hummus [RECIPE]

Sprouted chickpeas are raw, so they're an easy way to hop onto the raw food wagon, and a delicious way to incorporate some raw protein and fibre into your diet every day! Try this twist on your standard appetizer of hummus for a delicious and crowd-pleasing recipe to introduce these raw beans to your brood this holiday season.
10/23/2012 12:21 EDT
Falling in Love...With

Falling in Love...With Myself

As I write this, I am approaching the one year anniversary of my most intimate relationship ever. I have spent the better part of the last year developing and nurturing every aspect of this bond, as it is, and will always be the most important relationship I will ever have. And the object of my affection this time, is me.
10/22/2012 12:00 EDT
Your Own Homemade Vegan Soup

Your Own Homemade Vegan Soup Base

It's soup season! I love me a warm bowl of roast veggie soup in the fall. I have been on the hunt for a low-sodium, MSG-free vegan broth for ages, and have not been satisfied with the flavour, cost, and ingredient list on many products currently out on store shelves. So I decided it was time to improvise. This is tasty as a base for soup, but can also serve as a great flavour base for cooking rice and other grains, and for de-glazing any dish you are sautéing up on the stovetop!
10/19/2012 12:15 EDT
Two Apple Smoothies for Apple Season

Two Apple Smoothies for Apple Season [RECIPES]

It's apple season! Living in the city, I now depend on farmers' markets and my local supermarket to supply me my apple a day habit. Here, I celebrate the in-season, albeit somewhat absent apple, in two ways: a Very Green Apple Smoothie and an Apple Pie Smoothie.
10/15/2012 12:21 EDT
Super-Powered Sandwich: A Slick Vegan

Super-Powered Sandwich: A Slick Vegan Stacker

Sometimes I just want a plain old sandwich. I do adore PB & J. But what I have been loving lately, is a simple concoction inspired by a pre-packaged snack I saw at a local supermarket. It delivers all the necessary lunch-time desirables: flavour, texture, energy, and portability. This slick stacker will deliver substantial midday protein, and a solid serving of vegetables.
10/13/2012 12:50 EDT
These No-Meat Balls Are Packed with

These No-Meat Balls Are Packed with Protein

While visiting my family, I created a fresh green pasta bowl, topped with some comfort-food-style "no-meat-balls" for added protein. I have been meaning to come up with a raw and vegan substitute for ground meat, and this was the perfect time to get to work on it, as there are often not a lot of protein choices available for me when I am not cooking in my own kitchen. What I came up with that evening, was a rustic Italian inspired dish that I know I will be making again and again.
10/09/2012 05:25 EDT
You Can Have Your Pumpkin Pie and Drink it

You Can Have Your Pumpkin Pie and Drink it Too

I am super excited about the upcoming holiday season. I am already plotting my meals for the cold nights ahead, and Thanksgiving menu ideas have been long taking up space in the far back regions of my noggin. It's nice to sip up dessert in a cup. Feels naughty and nice all at the same time, right? Well, I'm here to tell you that you can have your cake -- err, pie -- and drink it too! Just make it at home and avoid all those nasty added sugars and fake fillers! Here's how.
10/06/2012 08:18 EDT
A Sneaky Eat-Your-Greens Pesto Zucchini Pasta

A Sneaky Eat-Your-Greens Pesto Zucchini Pasta Bowl

Nowadays, I avoid gluten, most processed foods, and like to include as much green food as possible at every meal. One of my fave ways to use zucchini is to make it a noodle! The beauty of this veg's bounty is that you can enjoy it well into fall -- local zuchs will be available right through October, so you can enjoy this pesto zucchini pasta bowl all autumn.
09/29/2012 08:09 EDT
I've Been Through Hell, and Have No

I've Been Through Hell, and Have No Fear

My name is Meg, and I have been riding a roller-coaster ride of emotional upheaval, life-changing experiences and personal development for a few years now. I was bankrupt, unemployed, and depressed. My father was ill with frontotemporal dementia and ALS. My fiancé and I had called off our wedding less than four months before the big day. But I persevered. Now I am using my experience to share with others.
09/26/2012 07:35 EDT
Start Fall Mornings With a Yummy Maca-Java

Start Fall Mornings With a Yummy Maca-Java Smoothie

Sometimes as the seasons inevitably change, so do our stress levels. To combat these fluctuations in our emotional and hormonal balance we should try and take best care of what we can control: our diet. This little gem of a smoothie is not only tasty, but functional to boot, thanks to the fibre and protein packed chia seeds, the healthy fat of avocado, and the caramel-y smooth addition of the amazing maca root powder.
09/24/2012 05:10 EDT
School Snacks: Nut Free Rice

School Snacks: Nut Free Rice Crisps

There is some real chill in the morning air all of a sudden, and the new school year is <em>well</em> underway. Now that it's back-to-school time here's a great crispy rice treat, sans all the yucky gelatin and refined sugars included in traditional recipes (and it's nut free, so good for lunch boxes!)
09/17/2012 12:08 EDT
RAW Protein Power

RAW Protein Power Patties!

Wellness is all about maintaining that proper balance in our lives, and there are infinite ways to go about doing just that. One of my favourite ways to get more in tune with where I am is through yoga. It's a tried-and-true activity that after a few mindful moments always seems to help me find my centre, even on the hairiest of days. Nothing beats a slew of sun salutations followed by Savasana, and then a snack! So here, I present my very yogi treat: <em>Sun Salute -- Sun & Sun Patties</em>
09/15/2012 08:14 EDT
End of Summer Smoothie: Get Your Greens

End of Summer Smoothie: Get Your Greens On!

I can not believe that the dear sweet summer is drawing to a close in the next few weeks. But what's in season now, is Ontario watermelon! Watermelon is comprised of about 92 per cent water, which makes it highly hydrating. So what better food to use in a pre-workout morning smoothie, right? I decided to whip up one up after my morning run, and I came up with this super powered, super hydrating, and super yummy smoothie.
09/13/2012 11:56 EDT
Recipe: Taste the Tropics With Coconut Apricot

Recipe: Taste the Tropics With Coconut Apricot Chews

Hot, hot heat is exactly what my body craves. This, a fact I found to be true the very first time I stepped off a plane in Costa Rica. The wall of thick, sticky calidity that greeted me on that tarmac served as welcome to both body and soul. And now, in true easy-breezy Costa Rican style, I present a delightfully simple treat, a true taste of the tropics, my coconut-apricot chews.
09/07/2012 11:49 EDT
Recipe: A Protein-Packed Vegan Take on Comfort

Recipe: A Protein-Packed Vegan Take on Comfort Food

One recipe that I remember often eating while growing up is meatloaf. Such a cozy meal when paired with mashed potatoes and gravy! Here, I have re-vamped the loaf concept, and created a savoury main dish that I have fed to even the most meat-loving men I know with great success.
09/01/2012 07:55 EDT
Recipe: Easy-

Recipe: Easy-"Cheezy"-Pumpkin-Seedy Kale Chips

Do you snack? I know I do. And sometimes, when I am craving a salty bite, that means "indulging" in some crispy, crunchy kale chips. Now if you have ever purchased a sack of these tasty delights, you know that they are not the most economical treat. So what can you do to cut your costs? Just make your own!
08/29/2012 05:19 EDT
How to Make Vegan Wonder

How to Make Vegan Wonder Bars

During a long weekend in Toronto, everything here seems to slow down, calm down, and allow for maximum staycation bliss. So, what's on my agenda? Breakfast. Well, breakfast bars to be exact, and these chewy tropical treats are just the thing to fuel me through a long to-do list. Plus, the recipe will leave plenty of leftovers to pack for the road, and snack on all week long!
08/06/2012 02:29 EDT
The Raw Food Treat Packed with

The Raw Food Treat Packed with Energy

I get up long before the crack of dawn for my full time gig working as studio floor manager with Global TV's <em>The Morning Show</em>. With my bizarre schedule and twisted body clock, I know that I need reliable sources of fuel to get me going before we go "live" at 6 a.m. I have found that a cold, tall glass of "green juice" and a few nutrient dense snacks do just the trick. Here's a recipe for my energizing Raw Lemon Bars.
07/31/2012 05:07 EDT