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Meghan Sali

Communications Specialist at OpenMedia, copyright enthusiast, gif aficionado and asker of too many questions.

Meghan works as a Communications Specialist with OpenMedia — an international digital rights nonprofit that works to keep the Internet open, affordable and surveillance-free. Meghan is passionate about media democracy, copyright, and the open Internet, and sees opportunities to strengthen our democratic traditions through digital engagement strategies.
Keeping Truth Alive In A World Of Anonymous Wikipedia

Keeping Truth Alive In A World Of Anonymous Wikipedia Edits

One frontline in the battle over facts is playing out in the public arena of Wikipedia, where history is catalogued in real-time and where each of us have the opportunity to act as historians, contributing to editorial decisions. But what happens when government officials take to the web to edit this public resource? And what are the implications of allowing elected officials and bureaucrats to shape the narrative -- often without the knowledge of the public?
02/01/2017 04:02 EST