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Mehrdad Loghmani

Canadian-Iranian researcher and political activist

Mehrdad Loghmani is a Canadian-Iranian researcher and activist for democracy and human rights in Iran, he is the cofounder of Solidarity with Iran, a group dedicated to promote human rights in Iran. Mehrdad has a bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo.
Canada Has An Innovation

Canada Has An Innovation Problem

Canada is a vast country with ample resources, however political and economic machinery in this country are not open enough to create true and genuine marketplace for disruptive ideas. Cultural, artistic and intellectual innovation form the foundation of innovative economies. No nation can stay competitive and economically advanced while stagnating culturally and intellectually. Innovation requires taking risk and being open to new ideas. The biggest obstacles in the way of innovation in Canada are regressive and closed institutions.
03/04/2016 04:46 EST
It's Time To Reboot Canada's Diplomatic

It's Time To Reboot Canada's Diplomatic Machine

Canada's strength is not in its fleet of aircraft carriers, but in its moral capital. When our foreign policy reflects our core values, pluralism, diversity, tolerance and empathy then we can expect amplification of our influence around the world. Hearts and minds of population, tired of perpetual violence, is not won through military muscle, but by the ability to defuse conflict and tireless effort to establish and maintain peace.
11/01/2015 04:14 EST
The Case For Transforming Canadian

The Case For Transforming Canadian Democracy

A vibrant democracy requires strong parties with clear and strong philosophical and ideological base coupled with able politicians willing to bring forth new ideas and challenge the status quo. Real change involves a change of attitude toward power and politics, politics is not just the means of attaining and maintaining power, it is the art and science of managing and transforming the society.
10/26/2015 05:19 EDT
Iran Nuclear Deal Opens a New Era for Peace and Dialogue With the

Iran Nuclear Deal Opens a New Era for Peace and Dialogue With the U.S.

For Iran, the rationale for the long march toward partnership can not be found in strategic alignment or expediency of politics alone, it runs much deeper; for many Iranians, America represents the new world, where individuals thrive on the merit of their skills and character, rather than old world feudal hierarchy.
08/21/2015 06:08 EDT