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Mel Wilson

Sustainability realist

Partner and National Leader, Sustainable Business Solutions practice, PwC Canada. Over 25 years experience working in the environmental and sustainability field in Canada and internationally. BSc in Biology, Masters and PhD in environmental management.
5 Common Myths About scyther5 via Getty Images

5 Common Myths About 'Sustainability'

Sustainability is a complex and sometimes challenging dialectical concept, much like beauty, justice, democracy, and equality, etc. By dialectical I mean it is difficult to analytically define the term; more commonly you have to discuss the matter conceptually and show examples to illustrate your arguments.
05/08/2017 01:16 EDT
The Difference Between Uncertainty And Getty

The Difference Between Uncertainty And Chaos

Not long ago I was talking with my friend Paul about the changes occurring globally within the the energy industries. We talked about what was causing the stubbornly low oil and gas prices, changing g...
01/30/2017 02:46 EST
Our Most Valuable Non-Renewable Resource Is Shaiith via Getty Images

Our Most Valuable Non-Renewable Resource Is Time

We will often negotiate and even fight over food, oil, land, and water, but we treat time like it will, well, last forever. But if we were to value and use time truly like a resource, meaning effectively and efficiently, we need to set priorities. Enter the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
12/12/2016 10:27 EST
How To Be A Wealthy Don Farrall via Getty Images

How To Be A Wealthy Environmentalist

You don't need a high paying job with a high profile company, nor do you need to invent the next big revolutionary green technology. In fact, you can make a very decent living and achieve a comfortable degree of wealth while working in the environmental area and living a low impact lifestyle. I know because... well, I know people who have done it.
11/23/2016 08:08 EST
This Is What Sustainability Leadership Is All via Getty Images

This Is What Sustainability Leadership Is All About

Leading sustainability organizations are the ones that have learned how to optimize their limited resources, and use generally accepted standards where possible. They frequently use management systems standards and industry standards to drive performance, and reporting standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) to drive communications.
10/14/2016 09:23 EDT
Alberta Should Make The Sustainable Development Goals Their wwing via Getty Images

Alberta Should Make The Sustainable Development Goals Their Own

Alberta ought to use an internationally recognized and vetted sustainability framework and vocabulary to measure and communicate its sustainability performance to the world, rather than yet another home-made solution. The UN spent three years developing and vetting the SDGs to ensure they accurately reflected the world's sustainability priorities.
09/29/2016 11:12 EDT
The Difference Between Stakeholders And Duettographics via Getty Images

The Difference Between Stakeholders And Protesters

We live in a world teeming with stakeholders. At some point in time every citizen, whether they know it or not, will be a stakeholder for something. You the reader are a stakeholder. And so am I. Now occasionally stakeholders get so fired up they become protesters. But are stakeholders and protesters actually the same thing?
09/20/2016 10:04 EDT
Diagnosing Why You Feel Overwhelmed At stokkete via Getty Images

Diagnosing Why You Feel Overwhelmed At Work

That unsettled feeling you or your co-workers have? That feeling of being overwhelmed? It's stress. Stress because you don't have the authority, resources and/or skills and knowledge necessary to meet your responsibilities. Stress that you won't be able to do the things expected of you, that you will have to settle for poor quality work, or that you will let someone down. And this stress can be managed.
09/13/2016 06:40 EDT