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Melanie Braga

Momblogger, Event Coordinator and SAHM. Find her at

Melanie Braga graduated from Humber College with a Social Service Worker diploma. She has over 15 years in the non-profit sector, helping the most vulnerable in Toronto communities. The last seven years she stepped into the fundraising world where she built strong relationships with her donors and her event coordinating ability became an asset. Melanie is also a mother of one and started a blog called, Momma Braga. This platform was established to document her journey in life and in parenthood. She hopes that through her posts, she can inspire and help others. Her readers have commented on her raw, honest and emotional stories. Melanie has already made an impact on a few of her readers in a positive way.
A Survival Guide To Bringing A Toddler To A Marc Debnam via Getty Images

A Survival Guide To Bringing A Toddler To A Wedding

A beautiful envelope has arrived at your home addressed to the family and as you open it, you realize it's a wedding invitation. Now as parents of a toddler, you may have mixed feelings about the invite. You may not be sure whether you would like to bring your toddler with you or not -- and that's perfectly natural! But if you decide to bring your little one along, keep these tips in mind.
12/06/2016 03:58 EST
Teaching The Spirit Of Steve Debenport via Getty Images

Teaching The Spirit Of Giving

Growing up I saw how much my parents worked to ensure that my sister and I had everything we needed. I remember seeing the struggling times and then some better times; above all, I always saw them give to others. They had their own way of giving, and it would be subtle. "You give from your heart and no one needs to know," they would say.
11/17/2016 08:23 EST
5 Reasons To Take Your Family To Centreville This Mike Kemp via Getty Images

5 Reasons To Take Your Family To Centreville This Summer

Growing up in Toronto, there were many things to do as a family but one of my ultimate favourite places to go to was Centre Island, or more specifically Centreville. I remember loving the ferry ride to get to the island and then spending the day on all the fun rides. Those are the moments that I remember and cherish to this day.
08/16/2016 11:02 EDT
A Tearful Goodbye To Our shutterstock

A Tearful Goodbye To Our Pet

The vet prepared the needle that would put Lily to rest. She gave Lily the needle and to everyone's astonishment, Lily got up and walked towards my husband. The vet has only seen this happen one other time in her 26 years as a vet. So she turned to my husband and said, "You have to tell her that it is time to go. She doesn't want to leave you so you have to tell her that it's ok."
05/10/2016 04:11 EDT
How To Introduce Your Pet To Your ehaurylik via Getty Images

How To Introduce Your Pet To Your Baby

When my husband and I moved into a place of our own, we knew that we wanted to share our lives with a furry family member. We decided that adopting a cat would be the best option for us. We adopted our cat, Lily (6 years old), from a humane society in 2009 and she instantly brought great joy to us. As soon as we got the news of a baby entering our lives, we knew we had to start early in teaching Lily that a new family member will be joining us. Here's how we did it.
04/22/2016 01:42 EDT
Accepting My Miscarriage Helped Me AntonioGuillem via Getty Images

Accepting My Miscarriage Helped Me Heal

The emotional distress started to make me feel sick all the time and it came to the point that I just couldn't continue like this anymore. I decided that my first step to healing was to talk to people who have experienced the same type of loss, and by doing this it helped me realize that everything I was feeling was normal.
04/18/2016 11:46 EDT
I Was Laid Off After My Maternity Cathy Yeulet via Getty Images

I Was Laid Off After My Maternity Leave

As I was preparing myself for my maternity leave, all I could focus on was bringing this new life into the world. I did not want to think about all the changes that were happening at my workplace and did not want to overthink the changes happening in my workplace. Why would I invest that extra energy elsewhere when I needed it for my baby? Besides I was going on maternity leave so I had to come back, right? Well, not quite.
04/14/2016 01:17 EDT