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Melissa Coghlan


Melissa Coghlan is a Toronto-based Producer and Director. She began her career at Alliance Atlantis, working in film distribution for 6 years. In 2009, Melissa produced a documentary film called Amerika Idol. The idea for the film came to her after reading a newspaper article about a small Serbian town’s wish to erect a statue of Rocky; a symbol they thought would lift the spirits of their impoverished existence. After championing the film through a multitude of film festivals across the U.S. and landing at Toronto’s prestigious Hot Docs Festival, Melissa moved on to a career as a Director/Producer in lifestyles television.

Her first big break came when she secured a Field Producing job on the Discovery series World’s Greenest Homes. While traveling the world tracking down and shooting sustainably designed homes, Melissa quickly realized her passion for working in television. From there she went on to direct a handful of Documentary and Lifestyles shows before landing on the set of popular daytime talk show, Steven & Chris. In early 2012, Melissa decided it was time to get back in the field and can currently be found directing financial guru Gail Vaz-Oxlade’s newest show, Money Moron.
Creating a Work Life Balance in

Creating a Work Life Balance in Toronto

I will admit, I am a clumsy person, but I have realized that most of my injuries have been stress-related. Therefore, I've made it a priority to create a good foundation for a healthy work life balance. Luckily, I've found a handful of staples in Toronto that help me destress and treat myself better without fail.
06/24/2013 05:21 EDT
How I've Made a New City Feel Like

How I've Made a New City Feel Like Home

Upon finishing university, I moved to downtown Toronto where, admittedly, it's a lot more difficult to connect with your neighbours and community because everyone is so busy going from place to place. I discovered that the best way to make the big city feel more intimate was to create a sense of familiarity within some of my daily and weekly rituals.
05/21/2013 12:29 EDT