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Tamar Melissa C. Huggins

Founder, Knexxion Communication Group and Driven Accelerator Group

Consultant, Coach, Writer and Speaker, Melissa helps her clients achieve success by Actualizing Dreams and Maximizing Potential. With training and expertise in Marketing, Image Consulting and HR, Melissa founded The Career Advisors - Canada's Career Planning Company for Young Professionals and Young Entrepreneurs.
Delegate And Elevate: Tips For Generation Y

Delegate And Elevate: Tips For Generation Y Managers

Some HR professionals think that younger generations sabotage the work of others in order to keep the limelight on themselves, or lack leadership experience, so I developed a list of tips to help Generation Y managers delegate and elevate.
07/04/2011 07:53 EDT
Successful Communication Tips For

Successful Communication Tips For Introverts

Let's face it, you need to network in this economy in order to get (or keep) the perfect job; but sometimes it looks as though the social individuals (extraverts) are the only ones moving ahead.
06/21/2011 11:43 EDT