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Melissa Gorrie

Ecojustice staff lawyer

Melissa Gorrie is an Ecojustice staff lawyer, based in Edmonton. Her early work has focused on expanding Ecojustice’s presence in Alberta and includes the launch of new work to secure emergency protection for declining woodland caribou herds in the northeast of the province.

Prior to being called to the bar in 2008, she boasted a broad ranging and impressive academic track record that saw her graduate “Honours with Distinction” in Psychology and go on to complete her L.LB. at the University of Alberta in 2007.

Melissa is also an engaged community member, and accomplished world traveler. She currently sits on two not-for-profit boards, has volunteered with both Sierra Club and Greenpeace, and has recently completed 5 months of travel through Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ecojustice is a leading charity that uses the law to protect and restore Canada's environment.
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