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Melissa Jarman

Director of Student Banking, RBC

Melissa Jarman is the Director of Student Banking at RBC. She is the mother of two children ages 10 and 14, and already helping them prepare for summer job searches. For budgeting tips and student planning, visit
Supporting Your Child's Education Goes Way Beyond Starting an Wavebreakmedia Ltd via Getty Images

Supporting Your Child's Education Goes Way Beyond Starting an RESP

When I became a parent 15 years ago, I knew it was important to save for my daughter's education. While our income didn't allow for large RESP contributions, we made regular ones, supplemented by money she received, often as gifts, along the way. But with my daughter a mere three years away from post-secondary school, I've learned that my role as a parent extends well beyond helping her finance an education.
05/07/2015 06:11 EDT
Four Secrets to Scholarship Dave and Les Jacobs via Getty Images

Four Secrets to Scholarship Success

Each year, thousands of Canadian students earn scholarships that help them offset their education costs. Surprisingly, over $15 million of the $70 million available each year in scholarship dollars goes unclaimed, according to industry estimates. If you're planning on spending some time looking and applying for scholarships over the next few weeks, here are some tips for success.
12/21/2014 03:01 EST
How to Have Holiday Spirit on a Student ABC Photo Archives via Getty Images

How to Have Holiday Spirit on a Student Budget

If you're anything like I was as a student, you don't have a lot of cash available for extravagant holiday gifts and entertaining. And, while it's the time of year to show your friends and family that you really care, there are many ways that you can do it -- without blowing your budget. As I reflected on my student years, I recalled some of the things that my friends and I would do to prepare for the holidays on a budget.
12/04/2014 06:06 EST
Carve Out Time to Talk Money With Your Kids This Lisa Peardon via Getty Images

Carve Out Time to Talk Money With Your Kids This Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, many students and parents are about to have their first holiday meal together since post-secondary school began about six weeks ago. For students, it has been a crash course in time and money management, and one thing is almost certain: there's never enough of either. This Thanksgiving, parents and students should carve out some time to talk finances and revisit the budget to determine if spending is on track.
10/04/2014 09:24 EDT
Have You Had 'The Talk' With Your Student Andrew Rich via Getty Images

Have You Had 'The Talk' With Your Student Yet?

Another interesting finding from the poll was that students are significantly more anxious about taking on debt than their parents think they are (69 per cent versus 60 per cent), and they're more worried about having enough money to cover expenses (71 per cent of students versus 57 per cent of parents).
07/23/2014 12:29 EDT
How to Budget For Tooga via Getty Images

How to Budget For University

By now, most students planning to start college or university in the fall are beginning to think seriously about what needs to be done before their classes start. So how do we help students prepare for the coming year? A good starting point would be by taking some time now to review and discuss the following questions.
05/30/2014 06:18 EDT
Need a Summer Job, Students? Start Looking alamy

Need a Summer Job, Students? Start Looking Now

With persistent cold weather and snow still blanketing much of Canada and the United States, it's hard to even contemplate summer -- let alone a summer job. However, many college and university students are already actively seeking summer employment to help pay for the next year's tuition or add some experience to their resume. If you haven't started the summer job search yet, now is a good time to start.
03/18/2014 12:21 EDT