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Mélissa Laveaux

Canadienne/Parisienne Singer-Songwriter

Mélissa picked up her first guitar at age 13. Montreal born, Ottawa-raised, she grew up in one of Canada's big folk music epi-centres, where she scooped up her first world-music songwriting award for penning “Koudlo”, from the Ontario Council of Folk Festivals. Her self-funded demo, streamed on Myspace (back when it was relevant) catches the attention of an eager independent French label No Format! (Gonzales, Ballake Sissoko & Vincent Segal, Kouyate-Neerman). After taking leave from her campus indie music radio show and her directorship of the Women's Resources Centre of the University of Ottawa, she patiently waits the end of her last semester as an Ethics & Sociology major to move to Paris, France. There she releases her first album “Camphor & Copper” with the aid of the prestigious Lagardère Music Grant. In 2009, she collaborates with Feist producer Mocky to record a down-tempo indie version of Beyonce's “Crazy in Love”. Her second album, “Dying is a Wild Night” is a shift towards big drums and saturated percussive afro-guitar riffs. Produced by French trio the Jazz Basterds (some members of Air and Poni Hoax), it sets shore in the UK on September 30th.

Link to “Crazy in Love” cover:
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