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Melissa Ramos

Nutritionist & Chinese Nutrition Therapist

Melissa Ramos is a Nutritionist and Owner & Creator of Sexy Food Therapy Inc. helping people feel sexy from the inside out. She is a regular expert on CTV's The Social and has appeared on CBC's Steven & Chris is a TEDx speaker.

Ramos can be found speaking at events, providing health consults globally via Skype and developing her next online program. Her popular “Quickie” newsletter videos provide people with an opportunity to get their weekly fix by offering food, supplement and lifestyle tips in an unconventional but engaging way. Melissa’s passion is infectious and her continual dedication is to inspire, empower and motivate as many women throughout the globe.
Flushing Twice? What to Do When You Have Sticky

Flushing Twice? What to Do When You Have Sticky Poop

Listen, I realize that this is a bit of an embarrassing topic but this is definitely a poop topic I wanted to cover because I know that most of us have had sticky poop at least once in our lives. And honestly, it's important to talk about it so we can resolve any issues happening in the gut that could be affecting our health.
06/09/2015 05:53 EDT
Here's Why Smoothies Hurt Your

Here's Why Smoothies Hurt Your Stomach

Smoothies have been all the rage for some time with prominent celebrities boasting about their nutritional value. So if you've ever tried to make a smoothie but felt terrible afterwards, you're not alone. So if you can relate and have always wondered "why do smoothies hurt my stomach?" then I've got a couple solutions just for you.
06/03/2015 08:32 EDT
Tired of Almond Milk? Try These Coconut Milk

Tired of Almond Milk? Try These Coconut Milk Smoothies!

As a health practitioner I'm always advising people to really add variety to their diets so that their bodies don't run the risk of developing a food intolerance to it. And trying out a different dairy alternative like coconut milk is no exception.
02/01/2015 10:39 EST
The Miracle Cure for Your Mid-Day

The Miracle Cure for Your Mid-Day Crash

Let's face it, we've all been a little cranky and have wanted to take a nap under our desk when 3pm strikes, but it can be avoided without succumbing to refined sugars and coffee. Want to find out how? Simply check out the video below
03/21/2014 09:31 EDT
Almond Milk & Carrageenan: Stop the

Almond Milk & Carrageenan: Stop the Panic!

Finally I had found my non-dairy alternative answer. Until, WAIT, carrageenan, an ingredient found in almond milk tetra-packs, was apparently evil and promoting intestinal damage and even cancer. But before you go crying over almond milk, let me just say this: stop freaking out.
02/07/2014 11:07 EST
Are Natural Supplements Really Good For

Are Natural Supplements Really Good For You?

And before you go thinking I'm anti-Western med, know that I believe there are some pretty incredible Western medical doctors around doing great things. I simply believe that what we need to do is analyze the entire spectrum of an individual's case rather than group a subset of individuals with similar symptoms (cancer for example) containing multiple root causes.
01/26/2014 02:51 EST
Let's Stop the Glorification of

Let's Stop the Glorification of Busy

Try this out for a week: stop saying, "I'm so busy" or "I'm so tired." Because truth is, so is everyone else. Yes life is busy, but we need to stop comparing our busy to someone else's as though our busy is more important than theirs.
11/19/2013 09:41 EST
5 Common Health Myths

5 Common Health Myths Exposed

White rice isn't exactly bad for you. <em>Gasp! I know right? How could this be?</em> All the heath gurus telling you to inject your tummy full of whole grain goodness and then I spring this on you? Blasphemous! So here's the deal... According to Chinese Medicine, people have used white rice therapeutically for years.
02/18/2013 08:05 EST
The Card You Can't Afford Not to

The Card You Can't Afford Not to Give

I've always loved the concept of paying it forward. You read about those wonderful generous individuals in Tim Hortons' lines paying for the person behind them and it warms your heart. I recently read about a fellow Canadian blogger, Taslim Jaffer, who is doing her own "pay it forward" in a uniquely creative way.
12/21/2012 08:38 EST
Want to Look Good Naked? Here's

Want to Look Good Naked? Here's How

I remember that evening well: We burst into my bedroom trying to take each others clothes off and my nose scratched from my shirt button as he miscalculated the strip down. Almost a trip over his left pant leg and a bump to my shin over the trunk and we finally conquered the journey to my bed. It was hot and there I was feeling like a 20-year old sex kitten being taken by strong hands that wrestled me into the sheets. And there, in a game of twister, I looked down.
12/12/2012 12:21 EST
It's Time for a Little Shit

It's Time for a Little Shit Talk

In the past I struggled with digestive issues. I've had the urgent calls for action. My skin was a mess, I was exhausted and my joints started to ache. I struggled for years to drop weight and realized that once my digestive system healed, suddenly the weight melted off. Have we become crazy? No. Look no further because the answer is in your poop.
12/01/2012 04:25 EST
Are You

Are You Settling?

How do we have a growing group of strong-minded, confident women who are happy to be single but struggle and settle in the kitchen? Let's avoid settling in the kitchen because our relationship with food is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.
10/24/2011 02:13 EDT
Get Your Mojo Going With Chinese

Get Your Mojo Going With Chinese Medicine

Overwhelmed by body image concerns which instantly killed my mojo, I wondered: is there a way to feel sexy and more secure behind closed doors and can we do it with a little help from food?
10/13/2011 01:19 EDT
Food Addiction: What Are We Searching

Food Addiction: What Are We Searching For?

From heartbreak to frustrations, many of us run to food to fill a void or feed our anger so much so that North America is facing an obesity epidemic -- an addiction to food in its own right. Maybe we can find love and comfort with whole foods.
08/09/2011 02:49 EDT