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Mellissa Fung

Correspondent, Author

Mellissa Fung is a veteran correspondent and best-selling author. She covered the war in Afghanistan for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) and also produced the award-winning documentaries "Canada’s Ugly Secret" and "No Country for Horses."

Her best-selling first book, Under an Afghan Sky, chronicles her experience as a hostage after she was kidnapped while on assignment in Afghanistan in 2008.

In the last several years, Fung has turned her attention to human rights reporting, returning to Afghanistan several times to continue reporting on the challenges that continue to exist there, particularly for women and children. In addition to the CBC, her work has appeared in The Walrus, The Toronto Star, GlobalPost, and PBS, among other publications.

She has received numerous awards for her work, including the Gracie Award and the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association award. She earned a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and is a member of the board of directors for the Global Reporting Centre.
I'm Stunned At How Brexit Has Unleashed Racism And

I'm Stunned At How Brexit Has Unleashed Racism And Hate

"You can go home now!" he yelled again. "We voted to Brexit!" I tried to tell him that I am from Canada and Hong Kong, but he didn't care. London was the last place I thought I'd encounter this kind of hate. Where had I moved to?
06/27/2016 02:02 EDT
Remembering Afghan Journalist Zabihullah

Remembering Afghan Journalist Zabihullah Tamanna

Zabi had been doing this job -- working with foreign journalists -- for almost 15 years, and he was used to the rhythm and requirements of our work. He was astute, often one step ahead of us, and knew how to trouble-shoot a shoot if an element of a story fell through. There was always someone he knew or could call to help us out of a jam.
06/10/2016 02:39 EDT
Afghans Are 'Waiting For Death' If Countries Keep Their Doors

Afghans Are 'Waiting For Death' If Countries Keep Their Doors Shut

Eight years ago, the National Directorate of Security in Afghanistan saved my life. I was being held hostage by a gang of criminals who were threatening to sell me to the Taliban. I will forever be in his debt, but I was also impressed by the smarts and savvy of this young intelligence chief. If Afghanistan had politicians of his character, I thought, the country's future was in decent hands.
04/21/2016 09:30 EDT