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Melody McKinnon

Remote Manager of Digital Marketing, Media, Content & Monetization for,, &

Melody (Wiggins) McKinnon is an online business veteran who manages digital marketing, content, media, montetization and eCommerce for Business,,, and several small businesses. She holds more than 60 certifications revolving around management, eCommerce, marketing, writing and communications. In 20 years of doing business online in Canada and around the world, she has owned and/or managed both informational and eCommerce websites.

Melody invites additional career and freelance opportunities, remotely or in British Columbia, Canada. Find her on Twitter @MelodyMcKinnon or connect on LinkedIn.
How To Make Online Holiday Shopping Jupiterimages via Getty Images

How To Make Online Holiday Shopping Man-Friendly

We did some "street interviewing" to find out what is most helpful to men when they're shopping for gifts online. If you combine a frightened rabbit with a lost puppy, you'd have what we saw in the eyes of most men when they were asked about holiday shopping. The anticipated frustration is enough to turn men into the Grinch. Following are 15 suggestions they have for improving their online shopping experience.
11/25/2016 07:37 EST
14 Ways To Provide Outstanding Online Customer Getty

14 Ways To Provide Outstanding Online Customer Support

It's easier (and less expensive) to keep a customer than it is to acquire a new one. Turn that customer into a brand advocate and their worth is immeasurable. Treat them poorly and, thanks to the Internet, your brand can take a very public beating.
10/17/2016 11:47 EDT
14 Tips For Choosing Hot Products To Sell Gregor Schuster via Getty Images

14 Tips For Choosing Hot Products To Sell Online

One of the most daunting parts of selling online is deciding what products to sell. A bad decision could leave you stuck with a lot of inventory, forcing you to sell it at a loss. Slow sales are just as deadly, as the lagging products take up storage space. Anything with an expiry date brings with it a whole new level of stressful urgency. When you use drop shipping the pressure is far less than if you had to order hundreds of items for in-house inventory, but product selection can still be a massive undertaking.
09/23/2016 08:28 EDT
6 Ways Stealing Content Can Ruin Your stokkete via Getty Images

6 Ways Stealing Content Can Ruin Your Business

As a business writer of original content, I take pride in giving it all I have. I spend a great deal of time researching, paraphrasing, formatting and illustrating articles and blog posts. Then, I apply writing and marketing skills to produce a unique, search-optimized article. Until someone steals my work and reposts it.
08/02/2016 12:55 EDT
10 Ways To Reduce Newsletter Unsubscribe buchachon via Getty Images

10 Ways To Reduce Newsletter Unsubscribe Rates

Most expert marketers agree that virtually every website should publish a newsletter (eZine). There is still no better way to engage consumers, increase sales and keep visitors coming back for more. We often focus on adding more subscribers to our mailing list, which is certainly important. Just as critical, however, is hanging onto those subscribers.
05/25/2016 05:36 EDT
15 Ways To Tell Search Engines Your Business Is muharrem öner via Getty Images

15 Ways To Tell Search Engines Your Business Is Canadian

One of the reasons Canadians aren't finding local or national establishments for online or offline shopping, is the lack of local, organic search engine optimization (SEO). Optimizing your website to grab these shoppers can give you a serious competitive advantage, both online and offline. Here are 15 ways to let search engines know what country, province or city your business is located in.
05/12/2016 09:26 EDT
11 Ways To Target Canadians On Shutterstock

11 Ways To Target Canadians On Twitter

If hundreds of people voluntarily follow you into a room to hear everything your company has to say, it should be easy to work the room and make sales. Twitter is that room, learn how to work it.
04/26/2016 02:21 EDT