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Meredith Fowke

TV Development Producer, Writer and occasional Essayist

Meredith Fowke is a Brit living in Montreal, Canada. She develops, writes and produces for television as well as starting and stopping several hundred novels.
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Sexual Violence In Video Games Isn't Child's Play

When I explained why I will not buy Grand Theft Auto 5 for my son and why he is not allowed to buy it even with his own money, he replied, "but it's just a game." I can't get angry at him for wanting a game that nearly all his friends have. But I cannot, and will not, give in. There is no place for this content in a video game.
11/28/2016 01:06 EST

The, I'm Sure I've Got A Book In Me, Book Tour

At one time, I figured it would be easier to write a book of short stories. I don't know why I thought this. Writing multiple stories when you can't write one story is obviously much harder. But I like coming up with titles, and for a while I had some real crackers. My thinking behind creating a title first is that it's a bit like "fill in the blanks."
04/15/2016 12:12 EDT

Women, Let's Stop Self-Censoring And Say What We Really Mean

I've spoken to other women who regret not speaking up instead of quitting a job; never telling a friend that they didn't feel supported instead of deleting their contact; confronting a parent before they died; standing up for themselves in an argument rather than taking that anger out on someone else; standing up for someone else instead of staying silent. I know for me that the words I don't say affect my life as much as those I do.
03/24/2016 03:54 EDT

Don't Rape Anyone And Be Home By Nine

I look at my boy and see a sweet... empathetic kid and sometimes think to myself, "You're going overboard. He's only 11. Look at him, he would never participate, stand by or condone sexual aggression." And then I think of all the parents who probably thought the same... and I push on with the conversation.
02/02/2016 04:57 EST