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Merry Kuchle

Writer of all things food, travel and family.

Calgary blogger Merry Kuchle is best known for her popular blog Merry About Town, but you’ll also find this social media nut and foodie sharing her favourites across social networks like Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest and Facebook. Merry shares tasty recipes from her own kitchen, travel stories and chronicles her life in Calgary as both mom and stepmom.
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What to Keep On Hand for Fast Weeknight Dinners

Recipes with long and unique ingredient lists are just not my thing right now. Instead, I have focused on keeping my kitchen stocked with things that I can use to make quick dinners that my family loves. While it may lead to fewer unique dinners, it makes my seven year old a happy camper because he would eat the same thing every day for a year if we let him.
04/23/2015 05:37 EDT

11 Easy and Eggstroidinary Easter Ideas!

Here comes Peter Cottontail! Easter is a fun holiday full of chocolate bunnies, Easter grass and eggs. Don't let Pinterest fool you, though, you don't have to turn into Martha to have a great holiday...
03/18/2015 04:47 EDT
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4 Unforgettable Places to Enjoy Family Fun in the Sun

Winter is hanging on with all its might this year. Pictures of the snow ravaged Northeast remind me that Spring is still far away. Wondering where to go this year to get your fun in the sun? Here are a few family friendly options that will leave you refreshed, warm and give your family memories that will last a lifetime.
02/19/2015 05:29 EST
Merry Kuchle

The Greatest Grey Cup Appetizers for Game Day

It's freezing outside and snow is on the must be Grey Cup weekend! Whether you love CFL or not, it is the perfect time to invite over a few friends and throw a party. Since you'll be huddled around the television, make a selection of appetizer for a fun and delicious party.
11/24/2014 12:50 EST