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Michael Barclay


Michael Barclay is the co-author of Have Not Been the Same: The CanRock Renaissance 1985-1995, who works at Maclean's, blogs at Radio Free Canuckistan and writes a weekly column for the Waterloo Record. He used to work for CBC's Brave New Waves, and reviewed the first Arcade Fire EP for Exclaim! magazine in 2003 after watching them break up on stage during the release party at Casa del Popolo.

Arcade Fire Doesn't Need the Media, the Media Needs Them

Arcade Fire do not play traditional media games -- or rather, they do so only when it suits them. They prefer offbeat, quirky stunts like cryptic album trailers or spontaneous shows in suburban parking lots to traditional media campaigns. They don't need the media; the media needs them.
09/10/2013 07:57 EDT