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Michael Berkowitz

Political Writer

Michael Berkowitz, a veteran of the Civil Rights and Anti-war movements, has worked on Wisconsin Recalls, Occupy and other local movements that give promise of social change. He has been Land Use Planning Consultant to the government of China for the last 18 years, a past Senior Manager of the San Francisco Planning Department, Planning Commissioner for the City of Berkeley, and Special Assistant to the Vice Mayor of Berkeley. He also taught at Pikeville College in Pikeville, Kentucky, worked with Eastern Kentucky Welfare Rights with miners and was a Business Agent and Officer of SEIU. He has Masters degrees from Yale and Stanford in history. He has appeared in four movies, though none in starring roles, and served as a Supernumerary with the San Francisco Opera for 17 years without getting to sing a single note on stage!
Bruce Hyer Sees Politics Through Green-Coloured BruceHyerMP/Flickr

Bruce Hyer Sees Politics Through Green-Coloured Glasses

Bruce Hyer describes himself as an "independent plus." Strong on representing his constituents, he is a loud voice for conservation, sustainable resource development, small business growth and democratic governmental reform. He has pioneered climate change legislation and fought against the huge subsidies to energy companies.
04/24/2015 05:08 EDT