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Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

Artist, dog lover, supporter

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF) is a 29-year-old singer and songwriter from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. A touring troubadour, most of his time is spent on stage playing clubs, theatres and festivals across North America. He is a dog man with a good plan and two hands. MBF has shared the stage and toured with Joel Plaskett, Michael Franti and Spearhead, Steve Winwood, Third Eye Blind, Sam Roberts, Stars, K-OS, The Wallflowers, Elliott Brood, Lights and many more. He’s also played Firefly Festival, Mountain Jam, Calgary Folk Music Festival, X Fest, Virgin Fest, Winnpeg Folk Festival The Calgary Stampede and Capital Ex.
My Tale From The Open Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

My Tale From The Open Road

I rode my motorcycle from Los Angeles to Calgary - I had four days off and didn't know when the next chunk of free time was going to be. The bike had been living in LA, and because summer was coming t...
06/02/2017 05:18 EDT

Let's Love

Take a moment to read a love story today. There's a constant flow of negative news lately with fear being the catalyst. Knowing that fear's counterpart is love I invite you to spend 10 minutes of your...
08/03/2016 12:34 EDT
Put A Ring On Vstock via Getty Images

Put A Ring On It

The summer of 2014 had me almost getting married -- preparations were in place, rings were purchased and the date was set. But love is hard sometimes, and life doesn't always play along, even with the best intentions.
05/25/2016 03:24 EDT
A Birthday, An Album And So Many Reasons To Love Music In Allison Seto

A Birthday, An Album And So Many Reasons To Love Music In Canada

In a cyclical way I feel music discovery now is like it was pre-internet, when people bought singles on 45. The internet and technology have made it easier than ever to record, release, download, stream, share, playlist, shazam, post and blog. There is so much music available -- it is really amazing.
04/18/2016 11:49 EDT
One Touring Musician's Love Letter To Allison Seto

One Touring Musician's Love Letter To Calgary

With Valentine's Day just around the corner I have a confession to make -- I love Calgary. I love the city that I got to grow up in and that I get to live in each and every day. A few weeks ago Calgary loved me back and I wanted to take a few minutes to send out the biggest of thank yous to everyone who helped me feel so wonderful.
02/09/2016 02:50 EST