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Michael Bolen

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Michael Bolen is news editor at The Huffington Post Canada and previously worked as politics editor. Before moving to HuffPost, he edited and wrote on everything from quantum physics to reality TV to Parliamentary procedure for Yahoo! Canada and the National Post. He can be found on Twitter under @MichaelBolen.

Canadian Health Care Isn't As Good As You Think It Is

Those who suggest changes to the health care system are generally met with cries of "treason" and are invited to move south of the border. The superiority of our model to that of the U.S. has become such a part of our national identity that we've become reticent to experiment with new ideas. Calls for reform invariably spark fears of a plot to put an end to the free system and make us more like the Americans. So we're better than The United States, but should we really aim so low?
06/17/2014 01:55 EDT

No, Your $2 Bills Are Not Worth $20,000

If you've been anywhere near Facebook this week you've probably already seen that your old Canadian $2 bills are now magically worth $20,000. Hooray, we're all rich! Or at least everyone who held on t...
06/11/2014 08:59 EDT

I Don't Eat Meat Because It's Moral. I Eat It Because It's Delicious

Is eating meat OK? Is there any way to justify mowing down on this plate of pork cheeks? These were the questions I was forced to confront when I dined recently at one of those downtown Toronto eateries populated with pretty people nibbling on pickled pig parts. My conclusion? I don't eat meat because it's moral. I eat it because it's delicious. Life is just too short to worry about the ethics of everything. And sometimes being bad just feels too good.
06/04/2014 06:24 EDT

Big Brother Is Listening And It's Time To Get Mad

What if Edward Snowden was Canadian? Would his sacrifice have been for naught? The government is spying on Canadians without warrants and nobody seems to care. As a child, I was taught that a democracy cannot invade the privacy of its citizens without consulting a court. As an adult, I fear we are no longer living in a democracy. But Canadians are not powerless. It's time to get angry.
05/21/2014 02:04 EDT
Getty/Don Peat/Twitter

The Ford Brothers Are Addicted To Lying

Crack, cocaine, booze, attention -- the mayor appears to love them all. But it's the lies that concern me the most. At this point, Ford has lied so much, about so many things, that Toronto wouldn't come to his aid if there was an entire pack of wolves at his door. Then again, we don't even know where his door is. When Ford announced last week that he was headed to rehab, Toronto let out a sigh of relief. A week later, we're wondering if he's even in rehab at all.
05/07/2014 07:51 EDT

Internet In Our National Parks Is Just Sad

Having access to the web in parks will make so many things easier, everything from planning a hike to booking a restaurant to keeping the kids quiet. And because camping will be less difficult, more people will do it. Nevertheless, the news made me, and many others, feel sad. Plenty of others were irate. The idea of Instagramming all those azure lakes and stunning vistas is just depressing.
04/29/2014 06:05 EDT