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Michael Clarkson

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Get Out of the Office and Come to Your Senses

For our healthy enrichment, we must leave the office and the living room for that factory of senses -- Mother Nature. Sure, Google Images and HD television can provide stirring images of Niagara Falls, and yet they don't allow us the true roar of the falls and seagulls squawking over our shoulder and the touch and taste of soft mist on our lips. Treat your senses to time outdoors!
07/24/2012 05:05 EDT

Break Free from the Prison of Reality Like I Did

Some days, don't you get weary of being yourself? Wouldn't you love to assume another identity, at least for a breather? Recently, I changed my "outdoor" name to Hal. Until now, no one in my family has seen the "Hal" in me. The everyday me is a writer, a cyber space inhabitant, and, under recently, a pencil pusher from the city.
07/16/2012 05:40 EDT

Why Should Nik Wallenda Have All the Fun?

Grey beards Peter DeBernardi, 65, of Hamilton., and Dave Munday, 75, of Cape Breton Island, say they may plunge over the falls in barrels this year or next in a stunt which has killed five people as the age of daredevils appears ready for rebirth here in the Honeymoon Capital.
06/18/2012 05:41 EDT

From Fort Erie to Fort Dreary

The historic town of Fort Erie hopes that bicentennial celebrations this summer, honouring the soldiers of the War of 1812-14, will revitalize an area besieged in recent years by hospital, racetrack and business closures. Maybe its past will succeed where its present is flopping. If not, Bruce Springsteen might have to write its epitaph with a song.
06/13/2012 12:27 EDT