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Michael D. Nicula

Leader, Party for Accountability, Competency and Transparency

Michael D. Nicula is the founder and the leader of the 'Online Party of Canada' ( | Twitter: onlinepartyca), a Canadian registered federal political party. The premise of this political organization is to establish a connection between voters and elected officials through Online Voting and the pledge of the Transparency and Accountability. OPC promotes the use of Online Voting as a mechanism to ensure the Government and Parliament act in accordance with the will of the voters. <br> <br> Professionally, Mr. Nicula has been working in various places in Europe and North America as a Management Consultant for more than 17 years. His area of expertise is Human Resources and Payroll systems (ERP business applications). He owns a business software development and consulting company. <br> <br> Michael has obtained his Executive MBA from the University of Washington and the CMA designation from the Society of Management Accountants in Ontario. His university degree is a Masters' in Architecture. <br> <br> Michael loves to travel and learn about various peoples and cultures. He has visited many countries in all continents.
I Entered the Mayoral Race, But I Will Not Vote

I Entered the Mayoral Race, But I Will Not Vote Today

I am one of the candidates who entered the Toronto Mayoral race and I am sadly declaring that I will not vote today, not even for my own candidacy. I believe this election is undemocratic and my vote would do nothing but to legitimize it. I believe that all these calls for people (especially youngsters) to come out and vote is just a push to give credibility to a system that has major flaws.
10/27/2014 01:15 EDT
Where Is the Support For Pro-Democracy Groups Right Here in

Where Is the Support For Pro-Democracy Groups Right Here in Canada?

The Ontario Provincial government is working on their promise to allow municipalities to use Ranked Ballots in the 2018 elections 'as an option' which would be a timid step in the right direction. However, Toronto Mayoral lead Candidate John Tory is opposed to the idea and yet, that doesn't seem to have an impact on his polling numbers.
10/02/2014 12:32 EDT
Candidate Blog: Enacting Proportional

Candidate Blog: Enacting Proportional Representation

Enacting PR this way would represent the strongest voters action against the political establishment, in Canada and abroad. It would set a precedent and send a message to the elected officials everywhere: listen to your voters or else the voters will override you!
11/12/2013 05:30 EST
The 'First Past the Post' Elections System Doesn't Work for

The 'First Past the Post' Elections System Doesn't Work for Canada

At first this plan may sound like a gimmick. It seems too simple. But that is what makes it more likely to work if a vast majority of voters understand it and support it. The big parties will certainly try to discredit it so they can preserve their grip on power, but the Social Media power can overcome that.
10/18/2013 05:56 EDT
Don't Believe America's Lies About

Don't Believe America's Lies About Syria

The U.S. Government is threatening to attack Syria based on the most ridiculous premises since the start of the Iraq war. Remember the aluminum tubes and the biological weapons truck cited by Colin Powell? This time, the Secretary of State John Kerry cites "traces of the nerve gas 'sarin'".
09/05/2013 05:54 EDT
Will Canada Join a War Against North

Will Canada Join a War Against North Korea?

The US will go to war again with North Korea, by choice, and funded by the American people. When the Iraq war started, Jean Chretien kept Canada out if it. Now that Stephen Harper is our prime minister and his Conservative party enjoys a majority in the Parliament, will Canada join?
04/05/2013 12:17 EDT
We're Lucky Harper Wasn't in Charge When the Iraq War

We're Lucky Harper Wasn't in Charge When the Iraq War Began

The 10 year anniversary of "the war of our generation" has brought back from the shadows the actors of the momentous events of 2003. Even our current Prime Minister, has admitted publicly that he was wrong when he supported the idea of our military joining the USA into war. I just hope that he will not make yet another colossal mistake while in power.
03/21/2013 08:03 EDT
Telecom: Everybody Knows the Deal Is

Telecom: Everybody Knows the Deal Is Rotten

Our wireless phone service contracts and rates put Canada 10 years behind Europe and Asia, even our neighbours to the South beat us by a large margin. Given that the prices for service are so high, perhaps we could rest assured that the quality would be on par. Here too Canada pales in comparison to other countries.
02/05/2013 12:20 EST