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Michael Eugenio

Prince Arthur Herald Columnist

Michael Eugenio is a columnist for the Prince Arthur Herald. He is also a Political Science major at Concordia University.
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Quebec Could Be the Conservatives' Saving Grace

What could be some of the factors leading to this pattern emerging from the province? One factor may be the high level of support the anti-terrorism bill has in the province. According to a LEGER poll released on February 9, a whopping 74 percent of Quebecers support the bill, and a further 62 percent support the mission against ISIS in Iraq.
02/11/2015 05:17 EST
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Why the Future of the PQ Lies With Quebec City

Marois seemed panicky in attacking Couillard Tuesday at a press conference in Verdun, and in a seemingly desperate attempt, brought up Arthur Porter and Couillard's apparent close connection. The PQ is apparently planning on phasing Marois out of their election strategy, by replacing her with the more popular Bernard Drainville and his baby; la charte.
03/21/2014 09:31 EDT
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Trudeau's Concordia Speech Was Tired and Uninspired

Trudeau's speech was largely the same old rhetoric you'd expect to hear from any "progressive" politician about "wanting to create a better Canada, a better world." Obviously any politician with four hundred or so students staring down at him is going to say how much the youth are important and how they should go out and vote.
02/11/2014 12:25 EST
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Canada, Receiving Mail At Your Doorstep is Not a Human Right

What this means in plain English is that Canadians just are not buying enough stamps to keep Canada Post afloat, and, as its only shareholder, the government of Canada has to look at its options and make some tough decisions. Luckily for them, the union bosses' arch-nemeses are in power, so they are all too happy to put the blame on the governing Conservatives.
01/29/2014 06:26 EST

A Hometown Pope?

A Canadian pope. Doesn't really roll off the tongue, does it? Yet, we may just have to get used to saying it, because Quebec's very own Cardinal Marc Ouellet is considered by Vatican watchers to be on...
03/07/2013 03:53 EST