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Michael Hungerford

Vancouver Developer

Michael Hungerford is a partner in Hungerford Properties, a Vancouver based investment, development and management company specializing in Western Canadian residential, office, retail and industrial properties.
Why Mount Pleasant Needs More Ben Goode via Getty Images

Why Mount Pleasant Needs More Density

Vancouver needs to be able to attract large job creators. With their proposed new rezoning, the City estimates a maximum potential of 500,000 SF of new digital and tech office space will become available and they are worried that any more would create a supply glut. That is unlikely to happen. It's not even enough to create the supply needed now.
12/16/2016 07:46 EST
Stop Fighting Higher, Denser Developments, shutterstock

Stop Fighting Higher, Denser Developments, Vancouver

For such a real estate rich city, Vancouverites have some fairly backwards attitudes, witnessed most recently in the vehement and emotional outbursts opposing high-density developments along transit lines. But what's wrong with a 20-storey tower? We need to think bigger and higher because in 20 years, we'll be standing outside the station on Cambie and looking at little 4-storey buildings and asking why we didn't.
02/18/2014 06:24 EST
Vancouver's Laneway Housing Numbers Don't Add Craigslist

Vancouver's Laneway Housing Numbers Don't Add Up

Laneway housing has been a hot news topic in Vancouver this fall. Often, stories have presented this latest housing trend as the ultimate answer to building affordability into the Vancouver market. But based on numbers alone, a laneway house project is probably not a solid investment for landowners.
11/19/2013 04:05 EST