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Michael Landsberg

Sports broadcaster, TSN Off the Record host

One of the best-known personalities in Canadian broadcasting, Michael Landsberg has been with TSN since the network's inception in 1984. Landsberg has hosted TSN's <em>OFF THE RECORD </em>(OTR) since its debut in September 1997. The highly acclaimed 30-minute daily sports debate program is one of Canada's longest running talk shows. <br> <br> Landsberg started his broadcasting career as an anchor on SPORTSCENTRE (then called SportsDesk), and went on to host more than 5,000 episodes. <br> <br> Landsberg speaks publicly about his personal battle with depression and considers his ability to help reduce the stigma of mental illness as his most important professional calling. His documentary, "Darkness and Hope: Depression, Sports and Me," earned a Canadian Screen Award nomination in 2013.
Four Years Later, Wade Belak's Suicide Still Weighs Heavily on

Four Years Later, Wade Belak's Suicide Still Weighs Heavily on Me

He told me he was fine. He wasn't. Wade's suicide represents a failure of some kind to me. I'm not sure what. I just know that we were friends -- not best friends, but special friends. Special, because we were bonded by the knowledge of each other's illness. Bonded the way undercover cops might be. Why didn't he reach out to me? Had I not instilled in him enough confidence that I "got it?" I wrote about my guilt shortly after his death. In an article for I referred to my guilt as "blood on my hands."
08/05/2015 06:13 EDT