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Michael Messenger

President, World Vision Canada

Michael Messenger is President of World Vision Canada. He has served children through World Vision since 1990, and was involved in the organization’s early advocacy efforts in Canada and Geneva. Michael previously worked as a partner with a major law firm in Halifax, practicing litigation and public law. He lives with his wife and two children live in Oakville, Ontario.
World Vision

Building Better And Stronger In Post-Earthquake Nepal

At these one-year-later moments, headlines inevitably reappear. There's no denying the challenges are real, and there's no doubt we can expect more. But let's not allow ourselves to become cynical. As donors, we need to be patient, flexible and think long-term. To do the most good in the long run, Canadian support needs to allow for the ups and downs of an unpredictable recovery in Nepal.
04/25/2016 06:09 EDT

Nepal Is Years From Recovery, But Full of Hope

Life in Nepal is nowhere near returning to normal, and will not be for many years to come. If your house and place of business had crumbled to the ground, and you were sleeping under a tent in the local park, croissants and gasoline wouldn't mean much -- especially if your children were coping with emotional distress like the children in Nepal.
05/08/2015 11:51 EDT

The Donations You Made to Typhoon Haiyan Survivors Saved Their Lives

Canadians are also helping ensure children and their families don't go hungry, thirsty or sleep out in the open. A child's healing and well-being is about more than just a safe place to play during the day. We know the importance of a warm, dry place to sleep, and a pot of nourishing food bubbling on the stove or fire at day's end.
02/13/2014 05:18 EST