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Michael Raine


Michael Raine is a maritime-raised, Toronto-based journalist, editor, and columnist. He is currently the Assistant Editor at Norris-Whitney Communications, publisher of Canadian Musician magazine, and as written for the CBC, Quip Magazine, and other outlets.
It's Time for the Music Industry to Speak Up About CBC Funding

It's Time for the Music Industry to Speak Up About CBC Funding Cuts

The CBC is suffering from a series of funding cuts implemented by the federal government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The 2012 federal budget cut $115 million from the CBC over three years. While this has negative consequences for all Canadians as this national institution is forced to cut jobs and scale back its reach and scope, the country's music and arts communities, in particular, stand to lose. In many cases, it's already happening.
08/27/2015 05:32 EDT
Who is the Real

Who is the Real "Worst Generation Ever," Mr. Sorkin?

In Aaron Sorkin's new drama, <em>The Newsroom</em>, the main character tells a twenty-something year old student that she is part of "without a doubt, the Worst. Generation. Ever." Well, that same description might better fit the Baby Boomer generation if they don't participate in fixing the problem they created for Generation Y.
06/30/2012 09:48 EDT
Tim Thomas Makes the Puck

Tim Thomas Makes the Puck Political

Less than a year ago the thought of Tim Thomas donning a Leafs jersey would have implanted a CN Tower-sized grin across my face. But then he went from Tim Thomas, hockey god, to Tim Thomas, Tea Partier. This kicks down the mental door that separates two of my unwavering, and usually frustrating, passions; hockey and politics.
05/30/2012 07:50 EDT
In Other (Non-Obama) Gay

In Other (Non-Obama) Gay News

Tucked into a corner of the pop culture universe, a punk singer became a historic figure this week. Late Tuesday night in a story posted on Rolling Stone magazine's website, Tom Gabel, lead singer of popular punk band Against Me!, revealed he has gender dysphoria.
05/11/2012 06:01 EDT
Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory Goes

Gangsta Rap Conspiracy Theory Goes Gangbustas

When the music blogosphere (along with Facebook, Twitter, etc.) lit up this week with an anonymous letter entitled "The Secret Meeting that Changed Rap Music and Destroyed a Generation," I simply had to say, "Thank you, Internet." I can't resist a story that combines the socio-political elements of music with far-fetched stories of corruption and immorality.
05/05/2012 09:08 EDT