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Michael Scarfo

E-Commerce Professional and Occasional Writer

I'm a twenty-five year old graduate of Western University where I majored in political science with a minor in creative writing. I grew up and currently reside in the west end of Toronto where I work at an e-commerce start-up. From time to time, I write. My blog focuses on politics, global events, and any issues near and dear to my heart.
Whistleblowers Should Be Celebrated, Not

Whistleblowers Should Be Celebrated, Not Silenced

In a society that values liberty, a whistleblower should be a hero. A whistleblower should not be forced to choose between their personal well-being and coming forward. Edward Snowden's insider announcement on the scope of the NSA's ability to gather, archive, and analyze information should come as no shock to the more cynical among us. It was easy enough to assume, but now we're staring down the truth of it. If we don't find a way to pressure the powers that be to give up some of their hidden power, contrary to all of their self-aggrandizing instincts, we're in for a very stark decline into a classically dystopian future.
06/12/2013 10:37 EDT
Innocence of Muslims and Fear of the

Innocence of Muslims and Fear of the Other

One of the most frustrating things about watching a story like the one surrounding <em>The Innocence of Muslims</em> unfold is knowing that there are a whole lot of people set to profit on the chaos. These puppet masters of public opinion know that in both the west and the Islamic world, most people will have knee-jerk reactions that are fueled primarily by hate and mistrust of the <em>other</em>.
09/24/2012 03:12 EDT

Generation Terror

I don't feel safer at all, and both fronts in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven themselves to be quicksand for the world's mightiest military. They were drains of money, manpower and lives.
06/20/2012 03:44 EDT
Canada's Very Own Rush

Canada's Very Own Rush Limbaugh

"I've got a slogan for you," one eager audience member asked into the microphone during the Q & A period. "Immigrate, fornicate, legislate, and dominate. How do we stop the cycle?" While the man's statement may be jarring taken out of context, it was perfectly in tune with the atmosphere of the evening.
05/01/2012 02:21 EDT
Spring is Coming -- and So Is

Spring is Coming -- and So Is Occupy...

To the casual observer, it might appear as though the once thriving global Occupy movement is either done for or on its last legs. To be sure, the changing of the seasons had a lot to do with the receding tide of Occupy coverage in the mainstream media. Today, the Occupy movement is not dead, merely different.
03/02/2012 08:58 EST